IT Awards 2022

15 | IT Awards 2022 Good IT systems are essential for the smooth running of a modern business. More than just a gimmick, a digital outlook can make the lives of those running SMEs significantly more straightforward. The team at Primenet know this better than most, not only offering impressive services in this regard, but collaborating closely with customers to ensure they find precisely the level of service they need. The team work with a variety of vendors to meet their client’s specific requirements. Over the years, the team have worked with a number of different clients, serving the public and private sectors. Their ability to switch between the various solutions being offered means that they can meet the needs of customers and budgets from every background, making them an ideal resource to SMEs across the country. Building up such an incredible resource is not only a credit to the team, but a credit to the flexibility of the people running the business. As a company, they have always been committed to exceeding the expectations of their customers and coming up as their first option each and every time. The best results speak for themselves and the work of Primenet speaks particularly loudly. Working with them is akin to having the extension of a business’s own team, because they take the time to understand their employees. They are ready to assist, answer questions and guide them to ever-greater heights of success. Their customers always get the best because Primenet employs the best. To ensure that the team also finds the best solutions, adapted specifically to suit the needs of their clients, they are vendor agnostic. To them, the company comes first and different vendors offer different solutions that suit different circumstances. The team’s IT engineers are certified and accredited by the vendors they work with, with certification and membership that also includes ISO 27001, ISO 9001, Cyber Essential Certified Plus, Police National Vetted Engineers, Crown Commercial Service Supplier and NCVO Corporate Member. These accolades are a credit to the team. Jun22161 Most Innovative IT Managed Services & Cybersecurity Business 2022 It’s clear that the field of IT is one which is constantly innovating, but making this innovation accessible to all is vital to the work that Primenet do. They see the technology market innovating at a remarkable rate, but one which could easily be overwhelming to those who are not in the thick of it. The key to the success of Primenet has been that they stay at the forefront of tech advances and find ways of applying these techniques to their clients. There are always options available which can fit a range of budget and business goals. Recently, the team have seen overwhelming demand for an ‘As a Service’ solution for Software, Hardware, and Services. Whilst the digital revolution has arrived, many SMEs have seen their budgets slashed. The flexible payment scheme allows a consumption-based payment model, fully assured to spread the cost over a period with the option to buy or return. It’s this sort of innovative thinking that enables companies such as Primenet to stay ahead of their competitors. Given the success of the business, we wondered how they felt about achieving such tremendous results. Their Commercial Director, Tony Smith, was happy to comment: “We are proud to be named Most Innovative IT Managed Services & Cybersecurity Business 2022 by SME News’ IT Awards. This recognition is a testament to the ethos of the company and the excellent team we have here at Primenet. We bring innovative solutions to our customers giving them the best solution for their business at a price which allows them to achieve their goals.” We cannot wait to see what this stunning team does next! Company: Primenet Name: Dorota Gibiino Email: Website: When running a business, you want to focus on what you do best as far as possible. The team behind Primenet have made it their mission to provide IT solutions that set them apart from the crowd and allow organisations to flourish. In the SME News’ IT Awards, the team was proud to be recognised for their efforts. We thought it time to dig a little deeper into what makes them so successful.