IT Awards 2022

24 | IT Awards 2022 This includes a unique range of ‘research filters,’ complete with additional links and pages providing further clarification and data. From there, customers can easily compare products using their requirements before moving on to Air Sourcing’s comprehensive Total Cost comparison tool. All these features combine to guarantee that all users can make firm, informed decisions rooted in their needs – no matter the minutia of their requirements. Once customers have created their product shortlist, they will notice what Air Sourcing calls a “KFI link” next to each product. By selecting the products, they wish to explore; customers can request multiple KFIs for their perusal. In addition, customers can receive specific and detailed information directly from lenders by Sourcing information on the array of retirement products and services on the market can be gruelling and timeconsuming. This is precisely why Air Sourcing crafted a premier platform for later-life lending professionals. A service where customers can extensively explore the features of an extensive repertoire of retirement products with just a few mouse clicks. Air Sourcing is an organisation with a sophisticated, industry-leading technology solution. This solution allows any interested party to search, compare, and recommend the most relevant, up to date, later-life lending and retirement services. Its service comprises a market-leading software suite that easily compares retirement products from leading advisory firms. All down to the finest details. The solution’s success is built on its extensive product filters; Air Sourcing’s tools and site are crafted to be equally as informative as it is easy to parse and navigate. Additionally, the team recognises that diligent product research is vital and its tools are designed address its client’s needs – every time. This is accomplished, in part, through Air Sourcing’s product shortlist screen. Here, customers and clients can explore a bevy of product criteria to assist in creating a shortlist of the best-suited products with which to compare. Best Retirement Product Sourcing Platform 2022 Jun22498 completing one short form. Lenders will email KFI directly to them, alongside copies of their requests. Additionally, the product’s KFI’s on their own will be saved against that client in their “Clients dashboard.” Using Air Sourcing’s tools ensures that all users immediately identify the most suitable products. Air Sourcing considerably reduces research time by providing detailed and relevant information to its clients and users with as little effort as possible. This is the perfect tool for professionals seeking a quick and easy source for their client’s retirement needs, allowing them to quickly find the details and solutions tailored to each requirement. Contact: Emma Ellis Company: Air Group Web Address: Air Sourcing’s tools are tailored for industry professionals, such as consultants. The focus is to provide said professionals with all the relevant information to serve their clients through an easy-touse answer.