IT Awards 2022

7 | IT Awards 2022 Quick delivery, outstanding customer service, and the implementation an advanced digital CRM system are all things that can be expected from Digital Cloud UK. The company offers tailored solutions that endeavour to make handling and managing CRM simple – leaving you to get back to what’s most important. Established by Digesh Tailor, Digital Cloud UK is a streamlined and effective digital CRM platform that will help you boost your business. Indeed, Digital Cloud UK prioritises you – it understands how optimised CRM systems can benefit and simplify not only your workload but also your workforce and clients. Therefore, the company has created an easy to use, simple, and efficient platform that is centred around its customers’ feedback. In a company statement, Digesh Tailor vows, ‘we know that technology can be perceived as complex, often coupled with technical jargon and unbounded functionality. And trust us when we say, we know running a business can be all-consuming. But we believe that technology can and should, simplify things. That’s why we do everything possible to take the pain out of tech for our SME clients.’ Consequently, Digital Cloud UK goes beyond the call of duty to provide the best possible service to its customers. For example, the company offers 12 hours of free service add-ons that they can’t get with any other CRM provider. In such a fastpaced and crowded market, Digital Cloud UK can maximise the value that its clients get out of their CRM systems and, additionally, streamline their business sales and management processes by building simple automations to their everyday tasks. Digital Cloud UK has built its platform around Microsoft Dynamics 365, the next generation in business management technology. Supported by the Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 harmoniously combines CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence, resulting in smoother operations that implement better growth potential, productivity, and reduced running costs. Such CRM solutions are, therefore, able to me moulded to fit the client’s individual business needs. ‘Our unique customer service model ensures that service is built into every phase of our process […] providing stand-out service is what drives us,’ Digesh continues. This comment is backed up by the company’s devotion to constant evolution – each year the company pivots its costing model as it strives to remain up to date with industry advancements and, more importantly, provide easy access to Jun22589 Most Innovative CRM Provider 2022 a premium CRM platform. It is with this firmly in mind that Digital Cloud UK now offers a range of low-cost packages, 6- and 12-month payment plans to help clients spread the cost during these challenging times, and fast turnaround times through its quick-start packages. Client-centricity comes first, and this is reflected in the dozens of five-star testimonials that the company has received. Jamie Carthy, Senior Web Developer at Search & More writes, ‘We have recently used Digital Cloud UK to migrate our Google accounts over to Office 365, and to also integrate Dynamics 365 into our package. Digesh has been our main point of contact during this process and has been extremely helpful along the way. The transition to Office 365 was very smooth and Digesh was always available to take calls and answer any questions we had. I would highly recommend this company!’ Contact: Digesh Tailor Company: Digital Cloud UK Contact email: Telephone: 01204 588 229 Web Address: