IT Awards 2023

The UK IT sector has been booming since 2022 witnessed the UK tech field become the European leader in market value. Now ranked third in the world, the IT market is a tremendously valued industry, with the business landscape forecasted even further success. In a world where electronics have become vital for everyday life, the IT industry has continued to adapt and transform to bring us the new generation of technology in the increasingly digital society. After a successful first year, SME News is proud to announce the IT Awards are returning for 2023! With only the mostdeserving being invited to participate, our programme aims to shine a light on the contributions and achievements that have been displayed in the IT sector. Leading the way for the IT industry, the UK has been recognised as a key player within the technology market, and with the increase of tech unicorns emerging over the past few years, the UK IT trade is only continuing to flourish. The dependence on internet-connected devices has now become ingrained in our society, with over 94% of the UK adult population accessing the internet daily, contributing to the prosperity of the UK IT market. This is making the industry highly lucrative and continuing to show room for technological expansion for the foreseeable future. The companies working within this industry are widely innovative and in high demand, with the number of start-ups launched in 2020 alone testifying to this fact. In an industry where trends and developments influence the market, being innovative holds the key to success. Editors Letter Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Sofi Parry Editor