IT Awards 2023

20 | SME News IT Awards 2023 Best SME Cloud Adoption Service Provider 2023 Tech Amigos Ltd offers decades of hands-on Cloud engineering experience with an outcome-based implementation service that delivers on the promise of agility, lower costs and faster software development to its clients. We find out more as the firm is crowned in the IT Awards 2023. Boutique Cloud engineering company, Tech Amigos Ltd (Tech Amigos), was founded in November 2018 by Sachin Deshpande with the mission to go beyond the hype and buzzwords and help SMEs to truly deliver on the promise of Agile and DevOps by optimising and automating the software delivery process. The firm accelerates software development for SMEs by delivering expertise and software to help build, test, deploy, monitor, and operate containerised applications on any Cloud. Cloud design and implementation have grown increasingly complex, hindering adoption and forcing companies to invest heavily in cloud engineers that are difficult to find and hire. Tech Amigos simplifies and shortens time-to-maturity for cloud deployment by combining expert advice, professional services, and dozens of commonly needed Cloud configuration patterns, all working in tandem to deliver a layer of abstraction that masks the complexity of Cloud configurations and allows software developers to focus on developing software, rather than DevOps. Tech Amigos works with engineering leaders such as CTOs and directors of engineering, in smaller companies – typically under £50M in revenue and <20 engineers in IT team. During the engagement, it will also work closely with the in-house engineering team, who need to see us as their trusted advisors rather than competitors or pedagogues. Sachin tells us more about the firm’s unique offering. “It is Cloud agnostic,” he begins. “Also it is industry agnostic which means that we can help any business that is trying to adopt cloud and needing a streamlined Cloud native software development process.” Many engineering leaders might see the value of unblocking cloud adoption as well as future-proofing development practices against future risks (such as security). Currently they may find that software products aren’t shipping fast enough or are shipping with liabilities in that they might not be completely secure, resilient, or scalable. With core values centred around constantly challenging the status quo and delivering results and providing value to customers, Tech Amigos believes in producing valuable outcomes, delivering byte size changes and continually improving outcomes for the customer and its highly professional yet personalised service, is designed to do just that. “Our USP is ‘outcome based pricing’,” says Sachin. “This means that we work with the clients to identify their pain-points in a discovery workshop. This helps us understand the issues better and propose solutions along with cost and time. We then stick to this and deliver that outcome. We tend to break down challenges into smaller manageable, independent chunks, so we can work on small items, demonstrate the results and move to the next one. Our clients really appreciate this approach, as they can see clearly what they will get for their money.” As a flat organisation which has shunned the traditional hierarchy model, all of Tech Amigos’ leaders approach work from the front – and always focus on the value that the firm must bring to its clients. This is a passion which is engrained into all ‘amigos’ as they on-board new staff, and Sachin tells us that he has worked hard to create an open environment where amigos are empowered to express their thoughts and ideas in a way they can inspire others. Focusing on personality traits, more than technical competencies, is also highlighted and Sachin often values analytical thinking over expertise. “In our writing we show, rather than tell, that we understand the finer details of Cloud design and deployment,” he explains. “We do so by directly tackling technical challenges around tooling, configuration, and monitoring, rather than relying on platitudes about digital transformation.” Now, priding itself on effectively breaking down big challenges into smaller, manageable, clearly articulated problem statements, Tech Amigos is committed in its continuation of simplifying issues and coming up with viable solutions. Likewise, constantly keeping abreast of industry developments means it can also continue to strive to deliver better results. “We run an Amigos Lab, which is the playground for our amigos,” enthuses Sachin. “Here, we try new tech, patterns, approaches in lab and then ‘productionise’ them before implementing it for our customers. This ensures that all of our work in the customer environment is of the highest quality possible.” Company: Tech Amigos Ltd Web Address: