IT Awards 2023

22 | SME News IT Awards 2023 Leading Providers of Integrated & Cloud Communication Solutions 2023 VoIPstudio is an award-winning VoIP phone service that provides businesses with everything they need from as little as £3.99 a month. With no contracts, no hassle, and no fuss, it’s easy to see how the firm was so successful recently in the IT Awards 2023. We speak to Chris Maciejewski and find out more as the firm secures its title. In a hyper-connected, global, and dispersed world, where personalisation and user experience are critical for standing out from competitors, communications are increasingly vital for business development. Many solutions in the market offer complex solutions that do not address user problems or are inflexible in adapting to the changing needs of reality. The services offered by VoIPstudio are designed to meet the demands of business customers, offering innovative features, flexibility, scalability, and an exceptional user experience. VoIPstudio’s dedicated customer support team is committed to providing comprehensive assistance across all communication channels. With its optimised multisite, multi-country capabilities and distributed cloud hosting, VoIPstudio ensures the responsiveness and reliability that enterprise customers require. It is highly scalable, accommodating single users as well as companies with hundreds of extensions. The firm’s diverse clientele includes media organizations, call centers, software providers, weather agencies, and more. Director Chris Maciejewski tells us more about the firm’s unique offering. “Our solution provides flexible capacity, allowing customers to add or remove users as needed,” he begins. “This eliminates the need to pay for redundant capacity while remaining future-proofed to handle fluctuations in traffic volumes. We offer two simple plans tailored to meet different requirements: the Pay As You Go Plan, starting at £3.99 per user per month, and the 2K Bundle plan priced at £13.99. We have a plan to suit every business.” With VoIPstudio you get an all-in-one business VoIP solution, with no contracts and no hidden costs, available at consumer-level pricing. All our clients get all our features from day one, including a complete virtual switchboard, virtual numbers, conference calling, call center, call recording and much more. VoIPstudio also includes advanced communication tools like videoconferencing, screen sharing or integration with lots of CRM and other business tools. Remaining constantly in contact with its clients to identify new needs or integrations they may require is one of VoIPstudio’s unique selling point, along with its agile development team which is capable of responding to client’s needs in record time. “All functionalities are always available to all users, and there is never any extra charge,” Chris elaborates. “Additionally, we have an excellent 24/7 support service that can resolve any inquiries or assist our clients in setting up their service at no additional cost.” In such a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, it is essential for VoIPstudio to attempt to simplify processes for its customers. In addition to continually developing a robust solution based on the latest market technology and standards, the firm believes that the best way to streamline its customers' processes is by developing a wide range of integrations with leading software providers, like Salesforce, Office, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Zendesk and much more. Furthermore, the firm offers all customers APIs and connectors that allows them to integrate VoIPstudio with any software they have. There is, and always has been, a strong customer-centric culture, Chris tells us. Since the beginning, the goal has been to provide high-quality, flexible, hassle-free, and affordable communication services to businesses of all sizes. “We strive to instil this passion in every team member, from developers to support staff, placing utmost importance on every detail so that our customers can enjoy a service that meets all their functional needs while ensuring maximum security and availability,” he states. “Naturally, this customer orientation is one of the values we seek in every new addition to our team, regardless of their location in the world.” Always striving to find simple solutions that allow the firm to keep the platform user-friendly and understandable for all users, while also ensuring that all new functionalities are included within the solution at no additional cost, VoIPstudio is now well-placed for international growth and expanding its services. “In today's highly dispersed business ecosystem, where effective communication is crucial for the survival and growth of enterprises, this approach is more important than ever,” Chris enthuses. “Currently, we are experiencing an annual growth rate of over 10%. This expansion will enable us to maintain a strong commitment to developing new functionalities and integrations that enhance communication and productivity for our clients' teams.” Contact: Chris Maciejewski Company: VoIPstudio Web Address: