IT Awards 2023

24 | SME News IT Awards 2023 Best Boutique Analytics Consultancy 2023 – London Tasman Analytics is a boutique analytics consultancy that turns disorganised data into real business value. With a holistic and highly customer-centric approach, it’s no wonder that the firm has recently gained recognition in the IT Awards 2023. We find out more from the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Leading data analytics consultancy, Tasman Analytics (Tasman) is specialised in delivering a sophisticated blend of data infrastructure, deep insights, and empowered teams. At the heart of the firm’s services lies the concept of a fractional data team: offered on a sprint or monthly retainer basis, with its clients (primarily start-ups, scale-ups and B2B sales-led firms) getting access to a team of highly experienced data professionals. Tasman’s work revolves around the delivery of essential data infrastructure, data insights, and a seamless handover process that empowers its clients' internal teams, shores up its business decisionmaking, and prepares them for the AI revolution (where having clean, well-understood data is critical). “Building a data platform is hard. Most companies try to do it themselves, but many fail,” Thomas in’t Veld, the firm’s CEO, tells us. “Our clients like working with us as we know where the challenges and pitfalls are—having done this exact work many times before. Our efficiency is reflected in our flexible model, which allows clients to scale us up, down, or halt our services as per their needs and budgets. This approach ensures our clients' data journey accelerates significantly within just a few months of working with us.” At Tasman, the belief that a data platform is only as strong as the business outcomes it influences is commonplace, and with its highly client-centric approach, Tasman is committed to exceeding its clients’ expectations time and again. Unlike some firms that focus narrowly on technical considerations, Tasman takes a more holistic approach, viewing data not just as a series of numbers, but as a vital tool for driving business value. By combining technical excellence with a keen understanding of business context, it is able to deliver solutions that truly make a difference to clients. Tasman also adopts an agile approach to project delivery, working in Sprints and providing outputs as quickly as possible. This strategy ensures that it is consistently aligned with its clients' evolving requirements and allows for timely adjustments. “Our unique selling point lies in our commitment to deliver end-toend business value while ensuring the construction of best-in-class data platforms,” Thomas elaborates. “Our model, quite distinct from competitors', charges clients based on the output they receive rather than the time and materials used. This focus on output promotes efficiency and quality in our service delivery.” But Tasman’s expertise extends beyond just data. By deeply understanding its clients' business context, the team is capable of delivering solutions that directly align with their business goals, providing data insights that not just report on the status quo, but actively drive businesses forward. “We believe in empowering our clients' internal teams to take over the projects after our job is done, or assisting our clients in hiring and onboarding a team if one doesn't exist. This approach ensures that our clients can continue to benefit from the data infrastructure and insights we have developed, long after our involvement has ended. At Tasman, we deliver not just data solutions, but the power of confidence in numbers and the capacity to drive business growth.” Behind every great business, there is a dedicated team of loyal employees, and Tasman is no different in this respect. Relying on trust, efficiency, and scalability as main cultural tenets, all of which lead to business value for clients, Tasman prides itself on its highly analytical data professionals, and a team that is united in a love for continuous learning and improvement. “We've built a culture of openness and honest communication,” Thomas enthuses. “Regular team meetings and feedback sessions allow us to align on goals and assess our progress. We encourage and incentivise all team members to take ownership of their work, supporting them in their professional growth while empowering them to contribute to our collective mission.” As the future beckons, Tasman is seeing a major surge of interest in data from growing B2B businesses that want to improve their sales efficiency and get ready for the AI revolution. Thomas tells us that the firm is well placed to help this type of customer. “We don't just build them the data platform that allows them to link datasets, we also help them get the insight necessary to have that deliver business value! That's really powerful — most data consultancies would just build the infrastructure and leave it at that.” Contact: Thomas in’t Veld Company: Tasman Analytics Web Address: