2019 Legal Awards

SME NEWS / 2019 Legal Awards 11 , Boyes Turner LLP Boyes Turner LLP is an innovative full-service lawfirm. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Legal Awards we profile the firm to offer our readers a unique glimpse into the work it undertakes and the clients it supports. Best Full-Service Law Firm - Southern England: Boyes Turner LLP Established in 1887, Boyes Turner has since then flourished to become one of the UK’s leading full- service regional law firms. Over the years, Boyes Turner has built a nationally and inter- nationally recognised specialism in the technology and innovation sector. Additionally, the firm has focused expertise in the leisure and hospitality and development and house building sectors, supporting private clients and claims cases. Supporting a wide range of clients across the South of England, Boyes Turner is located at the heart of the UK’s “Silicon Corridor” and has become a high performing regional powerhouse within the community. Capital- ising on the close proximity to Oxford and Reading University’s research excellence, alongside Jan19412 Contact Information: Company: Boyes Turner LLP Address: Abbots House, Abbey Street, Reading RG1 3BD Telephone Number: 0118 959 7711 Web Address: www.boyesturner.com “Boyes Turner LLP is an innovative full-service law firm, ready to deliver superior positioning and performance for all Clients.” the innovation from within the Silicon Corridor, the firm has built an impressive technology and innovation client base. The leveraging of deep experi- ence and expertise in this arena has led the firm to deliver superior positioning and performance. The new strategy puts all sectors front and centre. As a result, the firm uses this unique location and client base to position itself as a leading national and international technology and innovation firm. This success would have been impossible to achieve without a dedicated team of expert employees, and as such Boyes Turner recognises its staff’s commitment and works with to create a supportive internal culture. Comprising of various elements, including a strong and focused leadership, employee investment and engagement as well as the flexibility, with the company innovating to remain as a modern, and forward-thinking workplace. By linking these various elements together, the firm has been able to attract and retain top legal talent over the years and provide its clients with the support they need in today’s fast-paced legal landscape. For lawyers, client service is its focus, and key driver. The business challenge at Boyes Turner is to support the lawyers with this key ambition and requirement, in order for them to enjoy their work, the people they work with, and the client service they provide. The practice has always been, and remains to this very day, committed to investing a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources in providing a top-class service and developing bespoke working relationships with each client. Seeking to capitalise on its current success, over the coming years Boyes Turner’s developments will be driven by client needs. The trend of wanting more for less will shape the firm of the future and those firms that are embracing technologies and innovation will see the biggest growth. Ultimately, the main goal for Boyes Turner will be to remain focused on its mission: to provide the best service to its valued clients with in the technology and innovation space. The team’s core focus will be to keep openness and transparency at all times, and this will drive the firm to even greater success moving forward.

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