2019 Legal Awards

12 SME NEWS / 2019 Legal Awards , TQ Property Lawyers Best Exclusive Property Conveyancing Practice 2019: TQ Property Lawyers Jan19427 TQ Property Lawyers is a property law specialist offering professional guidance on all aspects of property transactions. To celebrate the firm’s win in this year’s Legal Awards we profile it and explore how far it has come since inception. Founded by Iain Tenquist who started out with a part-timer in 2005, TQ has since flourished and now has seven directors and 45 support staff. When he initially began TQ Iain could see, right from the outset, that the traditional high street firms would not survive the modern world; that the only way to succeed was by offering a streamlined, specialist service at relatively low cost. Leigh was the perfect town to start up the business as rent and salaries were relatively low. Traditional firms did not go out and get business, they waited for it to come in. Over the years Iain built up TQ through paying referral fees to local estate agents and visiting building sites to get the sales staff on board; and then providing a fantastic service. Whilst the range and depth of the TQ skills base has increased enormously since those days, to this very day the vision remains the same. “TQ supports its clients with a complete range of conveyancing services, including newbuild, residential and even commercial property services.” Contact Information: Company: TQ Property Lawyers | Contact: Iain Tenquist Website: www.tqpropertylawyers.com TQ supports its clients with a complete range of conveyancing services, including newbuild, residential and commercial property. Aiming to offer both quality services and affordable prices, TQ works hard to ensure that its clients receive both value for money and exceptional quality support that will meet their specific needs. Based in Leigh, Lancs, a town which is still struggling to recover from decades of industrial decline, TQ is now one of the major office business employers in the town. This is testimony to the success of this dynamic and dedicated firm, which is committed to providing its clients with expert support and service, which it achieves thanks to its valued and professional team. TQ only needs one office to cover the whole of the UK; thanks to technology, geography is irrele- vant in 2019. As such the team work hard to ensure that their clients receive the support they need wherever they may be based, and are constantly com- municating with them to ensure that they know what is happening throughout the process. Seeking to remain ahead of the latest industry developments and to use technology to its own advantage, TQ’s key innovation has been the creation and roll-out of its remote client portal, TQ Connect. TQ Connect is the firm’s own software, developed exclusively for TQ at its own cost. Clients are sent a link once the file is loaded up and then answer a simple set of questions which enables the due diligence to be handled smoothly and quickly; ID and bank statements etc can also be uploaded. Then the client is updated by emails and viewing the client portal as the transaction progresses.Referrers can also login and view the stage of each transaction. At the end of each transaction the client receives emailed confirmation of this and is invited to complete a customer satisfaction question- naire. As TQ Connect belongs to TQ, the firm can upgrade and adapt it in line with latest market trends and developments, and its regulatory obligations, ensuring that TQ is constantly ahead of its competitors and able to offer its clients truly innovative support. From humble beginnings TQ has, in just 13 short years, flourished to now be in the top 4% of firms nationwide by land registry applications. At the same time, the firm remains a relatively small, owner-managed firm and its culture and ethos and passion for first rate client service under- line and define its practices every day and on every project. As such, moving forward TQ looks set to continue to combine the expertise of a larger firm with the personal services of a boutique to ensure all its clients receive the award-winning services that they have come to expect and rely on. TQ Property Lawyers

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