2019 Legal Awards

14 SME NEWS / 2019 Legal Awards , OTS Solicitors Most Innovative Business Immigration Law Firm 2019: OTS Solicitors Jan19492 Based in London, OTS Solicitors is one of the UK’s leading lawfirms. Oshin Shahiean talks us through the firmand the range of services it has to offer. Established in 2014, OTS Solicitors provides its clients with a wide range of immigration, family, commercial and employment law services. Oshin explores the firm’s approach to client service in more detail and outlines how it works alongside its clients to ensure their ongoing success. “At OTS Solicitors, our approach is all about the client or customer and their needs. It does not matter if the client is a large or a small business or an individual, our approach is the same to listen, and give straight forward no non- sense advice and find a solution”. “As we grow, we think it is vital that the focus of OTS Solicitors remains its clients and their needs. To do that, we ensure all our immigration solicitors are at the top of the game when it comes to knowledge and experience of dealing with the Home Office to achieve results for clients.” Being a small yet flexible firm offers OTS Solicitors the chance to provide its clients with the expertise of larger practice whilst giving them a personal service they cannot find elsewhere, as Oshin is proud to highlight. “As we are a small but specialist legal practice, we are not hide bound by some of the in-house rules and cost regimes that you find in top 50 city of London law firms with bolt on immigration law teams. That means when it comes to the client service, we focus on the client delivering a understandable and practical immigration law advice that is not packaged in legal jargon, but instead meets the client’s needs.” Looking to the future, Oshin foresees even greater success for OTS Solicitors as the firm works to adapt around the changes it is seeing within the global legal market. “Throughout 2019 OTS Solicitors plans to develop associated legal services for business and individual immigration clients, who have, for example company law, family and private client needs. The last five years have shown that there is a real gap in law firms’ specialist knowledge of the interplay between immigration issues and their company or family law needs. For example, an entrepreneur migrant may need company law advice with a focus not only just on his or her business structure but any Home Office implications for how they develop the business, or a spouse visa applicant may need advice on a prenuptial agreement Contact Information: Company: OTS Solicitors | Contact: Oshin Shahiean Website: otssolicitors.co.uk “OTS Solicitors, offer clients cutting-edge support and services that meet their exact needs. The core focus at OTS Solicitors, will be to remain committed in adapting on the services they provide and around developments in their market over the coming years ahead.” with jurisdictional aspects all because of their own immigration status. “Moving forward, I predict a need for the legal market to be more business-like and solution driven. Our multi-national and SME clients do not want a treaty on immigration law; they just want a solution. For us that has meant developing services such as immigration and employment law training for HR departments or the management of a company’s Sponsor Licence. Brexit and globalisation present both challenges and opportunities for the wider legal market and OTS Solicitors are up for the challenge. “After all, offering our clients cutting-edge support and services that meet their exact needs is our core focus at OTS Solicitors. We will remain committed to adapting our services around the developments in our market over the coming years.”

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