2019 Legal Awards

g Contact Information: Company: S & S Legis LLP | Contact: Sarah Edwards Website: sandslegisllp.co.uk | Email: se@sandslegisllp.co.uk amount of energy and hands-on approach. It is this dynamic approach that has helped it to achieve the phenomenal success that it now enjoys today. Looking to the future, S & S Legis will remain focused on providing all its clients with the same amount of its exceptional level of support and services that it has become renowned for. Having only been in the legal market for a short time, the practice has grown significantly, and as such they now have offices in London, Birmingham and Athens. S & S Legis are now able to use this growth to support a wider range of clients internationally over the years ahead. Swift & Bold is the firm’s unique ethos which has distinguished them from all other nominees in this category. S & S Legis are a firm to watch and we here at SME News are very excited to see their growth over the next twelve months ahead. SME NEWS / 2019 Legal Awards 19

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