2019 Legal Awards

SME NEWS / 2019 Legal Awards 25 , LB LAW Focusing on employment law, LB LAW is a boutique legal practice dedicated to client service. We profile the firmand explore the range of services it offers and how these have helped drive it to the success it enjoys today. Specialist Employment Litigation Firm of the Year - Greater London: LB LAW Based in London, LB LAW provides legal advice to both companies and individuals, offering expert legal services both contentious and non-contentious employment law, from discrimination and wrongful dismissal through to contract law, TUPE and day-to-day employment law advice Founder Lynne Burns has over 20 years of experience in dealing with all aspects of Employment Law including contentious in the form of Employment Tribunal or High Court Litigation or non-contentious including advising upon TUPE, re-structuring, outsourcing and drafting all types of Employment agreements. Her experience as in-house European Counsel to a number of global businesses and working within a global Human Resources department, means she has in depth experience of the commercial and practical realities and issues faced by a business. Her particular expertise is discrimination litigation including sex, race, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation and Equal Pay. LB LAW deals with media, banking, IT and telecoms clients but also she advises clients across the whole spectrum of industries. This combination of working in private practice and in house has been invaluable and should be considered by every lawyer. It ensures that LB LAW understands the importance of putting the needs of business first when dealing with corporate clients and finding hands-on prac- tical rather than just legal solutions when the business requires. Each client has a different set of needs, and LB LAW are able to support them and provide Jan19548 Contact Information: Company: LB LAW | Contact: Lynne Burns | Phone: 07792 647185 & 0208 699 5040 | Email: lynne.burns@lburnslaw.com Website: www.lburnslaw.com them with the solution they need. Companies have to deal constantly with restructuring, downsizing and outsourcing whereas the individual client has to cope with change pr losing a job or career at a moment’s notice. For every client, LB LAW offers high-quality, supportive services tailored to meet their individual needs. Being a boutique firm, LB LAW is able to offer its clients a more hands-on, practical and commercial service. As a smaller firm with lower overheads than City and West End firms means lower charging rates and flexible charging rates offered to clients combined with Partner handling of client matters which is often lacking in larger firms. This combination ensures that every client receives high-quality support but at an affordable cost. Recent successes in 2019 have included winning a complex Equal Pay case within the Court of Appeal (Shaikh v BMC Ltd) at the end of five years where the opposing much larger City firm appealed the 2015 judgement. Although the sex discrimination claim fell away the more significant claims of Equal Pay and constructive dismissal were upheld on the cross appeal. LB LAW’s collaborative approach to law ensures that clients benefit from even greater experience and knowledge. Lynne and her team have strategic alliances with Howman solicitors in the West End of London and the Brooke Consultancy LLP in the City. Howman is a dynamic corporate law firm who also handle asset finance and asset protection. Ultimately, as employment law continues to evolve and develop, so will LB LAW being set to enhance their service offering to meet the ever-evolving needs of their industry and, most importantly, their valued clients.

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