2019 Legal Awards

SME NEWS / 2019 Legal Awards 29 , Carr Solicitors Based in Edmonton, Carr Solicitors provides private legal advice and legal services across a range of practice areas including conveyancing, immigration and familymatters. Having recognised the practice in this year’s Legal Awards we profile it to gain an insight into the secrets behind its success. Best Administrative & Public Law Firm - England: Carr Solicitors Feb19052 Supporting a wide range of clients, Carr Solicitors draws on a vast wealth of experience to offer clients exceptional legal advice and quality service. As part of this focus, when they initially work with a client the firm’s professional and friendly team provides a free consultation in order to advice and evaluate the merits of the case. Once the consultation is complete, all of Carr Solicitors’ potential clients are served with a Client Care Letter in order for the team to advise them further. The firm make sure all their clients know exactly what further steps the team will be taking on their case so that they feel supported throughout the process. Frequent communication and updates via emails, telephone calls and letters are provided, as Carr Solicitors view this the most vital area to focus on when providing the best possible service because this allows the clients to feel confident and supported. After all, legal proceedings can be daunting and challenging, and Carr Solicitors work tirelessly to ensure that the process is as stress-free as possible for their clients. The team firmly believe that the most rewarding aspect of practicing law is making a positive difference to their clients’ lives, and as such they strive to provide only the very best quality service at all times. Looking to the future, Carr Solicitors is set to expand in order to provide its award-winning service offering to an even wider array of clients. This exciting development will ensure the firm’s continued success and will bring the team many opportunities to enhance their knowledge and work on invigorating new projects. Contact Information: Company: Carr Solicitors | Name: Nurten Lisa Adsan Address: 285 Hertford Road, London, N9 7ES Telephone Number: 020 3957 9934 Carr Solicitors

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