2019 Legal Awards

SME NEWS / 2019 Legal Awards 35 , HUSANES LLP Best Commercial Real Estate Law Firm 2019 – London & Recognised Leaders in Commercial Litigation 2019 - London: HUSANES LLP Young lawfirmHUSANES LLP is working hard to showcase its commitment to excellence in the legal market. Specialising in commercial real estate law, the firm is quickly establishing a reputation for excellence, as we found out whenwe profiled it to celebrate its success in this year’s Legal Awards. Drawing on the expertise and vast industry knowledge of its founding partner, HUSANES LLP offers a service that combines the expertise of larger firms with the flexibility and cost efficiency of smaller firms. By maintaining overheads at a minimum, the firm manages to relieve the financial pressures of the hourly billing and targets, the benefits of which ultimately pass to the client. As a result, all the clients can rest assured that they are receiving both quality and value when they work with this dedicated and dynamic law firm. HUSANES LLP firmly believe in giving clients a dedicated and personalised service, where each client feels supported throughout the legal process. Currently, HUSANES LLP is renowned for its commercial real estate work and general business law services, and the Firm has a vast wealth of knowledge across these practice areas and is able to offer its clients the very highest possible standards of service. People-focused, the Firm is keen to ensure everyone receives a personal touch. In today’s society it is easy for clients to be lost amidst the maelstrom of tech- nology and records kept by legal firms, but HUSANES LLP works hard to ensure clients speak to real people throughout their time with the Firm. This approach is innovative and unique, setting the Firm apart from its competitors and marking it out as a great option for the clients seeking a more old-fashioned service built on trust and respectability. Going forward HUSANES LLP recognises the need for it to grow and is now formulating a strategy to include hiring people - fee earners and support personnel. Whilst academic qualifications and some relevant experience are the usual prerequisites, it is important to ensure that anyone joining the Firm can adapt to the same ‘mindset’; one that puts people at the heart of the Firm’s success. They will need to be able to value people first; clients, colleagues and all contacts that have a connection to the Firm. They will also need to be able to contribute to the creating of an environment that is not only conducive to continued growth and success but also one that encourages participation by all involved with the Firm. Ultimately, as a small, relatively new entrant to the legal market, HUSANES LLP has many exciting developments ahead that will help drive it to an even greater success and further recognition. With a clear focus and a dedicated approach to offering clients the best in legal services, HUSANES LLP aims to be in the legal market for a very long time; and in the process aims to establish a recognisable brand which clients are happy to be a part of. “HUSANES LLP is renowned for its commercial real estate work and general business law services, and the Firm has a vast wealth of knowledge across these practice areas.” Contact Information: Company: HUSANES LLP | Name: Ajmal Hussain Address: 40 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0BT Web Address: www.husanesllp.com

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