2019 Legal Awards

SME NEWS / 2019 Legal Awards 37 , Curwens LLP Most Respected Family Law Firm 2019 – London & Divorce Lawyer of the Year 2019 - London Feb19398 Providing services across a variety of practice areas, Curwens LLP offers every client the same high degree of importance, confidentiality, energy and care. We invited Vijaya Sumputh to tell us more about the firmand the services it has to offer. Since its inception in 1899, Curwens has achieved incredible success thanks to its commitment to quality and client-service, as Vijaya highlights. “Service quality is our core focus at Curwens. We aim consistently to deliver an exceptional, professional and personal experience to our clients. Focusing on being highly responsive, our service offering is based on immediate recognition of calls and enquiries and being transparent on the issue of costs. We never want our clients to find nasty surprises half way or at the end of their cases about costs. Also, we are consistent and empathetic: aiming at having a deep understanding of our client’s feelings and concerns is vital to us at Curwens.” “These values have driven us to the phenom- enal success we enjoy today. We now have a variety of long-standing clients for whom we provide all their legal needs, be it personal or business. Ranging from high net worth individuals to business owners and ordinary people, each of our clients is united by their need for quality legal support, which we aim to provide to them. We tailor our services to suit their exact needs and exceed their expectations.” Looking to the future, Vijaya foresees even greater success for Curwens as the firm looks to adapt its service offering to suit the needs of its clients and remain ahead of the developments it is noticing within the legal market. “Moving forward, in order to survive the peaks and troughs of an ailing economy and to become more efficient, productive and competitive we will need to change our demo- graphics, attitudes and work styles. “As part of this development Curwens may need to adopt the electronic discovery and move onto the hand-held devices for litigation information. We may also need to consider a multi-generation workforce and consider the alternative legal service delivery models such as McKenzie Friends, consultants, legal help sites and other innovative solutions. All of these developments will probably help to drive our firm to even greater success throughout 2019 and even further ahead.” Contact Information: Company: Curwens LLP Name: Vijaya Sumputh Address: Crossfield House, Gladbeck Way, Enfield EN2 7HT Telephone Number: 02083634444 Web Address: www.curwens.co.uk CURWENS LLP “We have a deep understanding of our client’s feelings and concerns, and we believe this is vital to us at Curwens.” “Service quality is our core focus, as we aim consistently to deliver an exceptional experience.”

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