2019 Legal Awards

40 SME NEWS / 2019 Legal Awards , MTC & Co. Solicitors Best Criminal Defence & Immigration Law Firm - London Mar19040 Centrally located in the heart of London, MTC & Co. Solicitors is a niche criminal law defence firmoffering the highest possible standard of legal representation for its clients. We profile the firm to find out more about the vital work it undertakes. Focused on criminal defence and prison law, MTC & Co. Solicitors offers its expertise to a wide range of clients. The firm’s lawyers have experience in the most serious offences including murder and large-scale drug dealing. As a result, the practice has developed a specialist focus in defending gang-related violence, and regularly represents clients accused of serious violence and criminal activity. The team can assist and represent its clients with obtaining legal-aid in criminal matters. Additionally, the firm also have specialist ex- pertise in the asylum process and immigration appeals. The firm represented the first Win- drush client before the media and Parliament even took notice of the issue. Unlike other firms in our industry, MTC & Co. Solicitors do not view clients as merely case numbers; each and every client has a unique relationship with the firm and the team provide a bespoke service for each and every one. As part of this focus, the firm’s dedicated staff act flexibly, accommodating clients as much as possible. Most other competitors meet a client for a set time once or twice as they are focused on signing up as many new clients as possible. In order to run their operation, In order to run their operation, most competing law firms provide a generic ‘one size fits all’ service, which may make it very convenient for the firm based on a ‘need to know’ basis which makes it convenient for the firm but may not instil the high level of trust MTC & Co. Solicitors is able to garner from its valued clients. Based in a housing estate, in the heart of the local community, the practice is able to offer its clients support and service that truly meets their needs. The team at MTC & Co. Solicitors know members of the community personally, and are able to offer them the support they need and understand the challenges they are facing. This is a unique approach to criminal law which many other firms overlook, and as such clients seeking professional yet personal legal support when they need it most know that they can turn to MTC & Co. Solicitors. The team represent each and every client as if they are their own family, and fight to ensure their rights are respected throughout the process. Operating in the fast-paced criminal law market, MTC & Co. Solicitors has to work hard to stay at the forefront of all the new, emerging developments. There are new arenas and offences that are being developed in the courts, the importance is to forge strong relations re- lations with those affected and try to be on the forefront of such developments, and as such this is the practice’s ongoing focus. Looking to the future, MTC & Co. Solicitors will remain focused on providing its clients with legal support that is ahead of the emerg- ing developments in the market and meets their unique needs. Contact Information: Company: MTC & Co. Solicitors Address: 3 Masefield House, Stafford Road, London, NW6 5YU Telephone Number: 020 7624 4300 Web Address: www.mtcsolicitors.com “The team represent each and every client as if they are their own family, and fight to ensure their rights are respected throughout the process.”

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