2019 Legal Awards

SME NEWS / 2019 Legal Awards 43 , Tudeley Law Limited Most Trusted Banking Law Specialist 2019 - Kent: Tudeley Law Limited Feb19175 Tudeley Law Limited is a young and thriving lawfirm specialising in financial and banking law and serving a wide range of clients. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Legal Awards we profile it and share an insight into the achievements it has made despite its relative youth. Established in 2017, Tudeley Law was originally designed to focus in particular on complex international finance, corporate restructuring and the recovery of overseas assets. The firm’s core focus at that time was to be a specialist in its chosen areas to provide a focussed service to clients and also other practices that require specific expertise and skills. Today the firm provides high quality, effective, and realistically priced legal advisory services to banks, other financial institutions and funds, government depart- ments, insolvency practitioners, other professionals, directors and corporates. Since its first began, Tudeley Law has advised on transactions ranging from the drafting of legal charges over real estate, to the firm’s largest transaction of last year, an international corporate sale involving complex financing issues and assets in excess of 65 million Euros, as well as ad- vising on a bond restructuring by a well-known high street retailer. Having avoided being based in London the firm can charge competitive fees and offer clients the support and expertise they need combined with the personal approach they want. Founder and Principal Nicholas Fisher draws on more than 30 years’ experience to provide his clients with expert advice and support. He believes that his firm’s specialised approach and focus is the key to its success in being named as an award winner in this year’s 2019 Legal Awards, a prestigious honour for such a young company. The practice has a strong ethos of personal ser- vice combined with practical and sensible straightforward, clear, commercial advice, and this has helped it to survive and thrive in a competitive and increasingly technologically focused market. As evidence of this focus on of- fering clients a bespoke service, Tudeley Law’s style of practice is to provide a ‘trusted advisor’ per- sonal partner service. The culture at Tudeley Law is to understand client needs and to provide a pro-active service commensurate with that approach. As the firm develops, its recruitment will be focused on talented lawyers who understand that approach. This collaborative approach ex- tends beyond just clients, and as such the firm works closely with other legal practices both in the UK and overseas. After all, clients need advice that is practical and provides solutions to questions that can otherwise become legal problems, and if Tudeley Law cannot support them in-house the firm works hard to ensure it can get the support they need from one of its trusted industry peers. “Tudeley Law has achieved much incredible success over the past two years, as evidence of this success, Tudeley’s focus is to offer its clients a bespoke service, to provide a ‘trusted advisor’ personal partner service they need.” Contact Information: Company: Tudeley Law Limited | Contact: Nicholas Fisher Email: n.fisher@tudeleylaw.com Telephone: 01732 367525 | Mobile: 07703 701032 Address: Tudeley Chambers, Tudeley Road, Tonbridge, Kent TN11 0NS Tudeley Law Limited If advice is required in areas in which Tudeley Law does not have a genuine expertise, Tudeley Law outsources work itself to other legal firms and professionals that have that particular expertise themselves. As a result of this approach, the firm is able to offer clients the best possible service which meets their unique needs and constantly exceeds their expectations. Ultimately, Tudeley Law has achieved incredible success over the past two years and moving forward it is set to enjoy another highly successful and exciting year. As part of the firm’s ongoing focus on supporting its valued clients it will expanding and forging new professional relation- ships both at home and abroad. Nicholas and his team will always continue to provide a valued and expert service to their existing clients whilst welcoming its new members to the Tudeley Law family to ensure the practice’s ongoing success.

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