2019 Legal Awards

SME NEWS / 2019 Legal Awards 7 Chancery Court Tax Chambers g Contact Information: Company: Chancery Court Tax Chambers | Contact: Soracha Henderson | Website: www.barristers.tax and companies with HMRC enquiries and investigations, focussing on VAT and excise duties. Tristan is himself a veteran tax litigator and expert swordsman and martial artist. I can see how the Zen-like focus and martial training could be useful in the context of preparation for some of CCTC’s legal battles. Next there is Soracha, CCTC’s legal assistant. She has a law degree from Cambridge and Joseph tells me in no uncertain terms that she has a brilliant legal career ahead of her. She’s already earned his trust to operate with considerable autonomy- preparing complex legal documents and dealing with huge value trusts. Her recent work was instrumental in securing an important client a refund of more than £20,000 from HMRC for wasted legal costs. Joseph tells me that anyone who works in tax knows just how exceptionally rare it is to secure such costs-related compensation from HMRC! Finally, I meet Bianca, the Marketing and Communications Officer. She previously worked for one of the USA’s top hedge funds, and it’s obvious to me that she a natural communicator and great conversationalist. She manages CCTC’s press releases, writes copy, and manages their very considerable client communications and news flow. Before we say goodbye, Joseph tells me some news. CCTC has just accepted its newest team member: a leading tax partner, with years of magic circle tax experience will soon be joining Joseph, and helping to assist CCTC clients with its ever-increasing work flow. I can see the thought of this has really excited him. “It;s all about the people for me” he says again. “The clients- and my team” . As the elevator doors close and the team now wave goodbye, I sense I won’t be the last interviewer visiting CCTC. They are really going somewhere.

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