Legal Awards 2020

8 | SME NEWS - Legal Awards 2020 Based in Birmingham, Kang & Co Solicitors are a specialist high-end law firm providing advice and representation to clients across the country. Following their success in the Legal Awards 2020, we got in touch with Director Manjinder Kang to find out more. As a national law firm, Kang & Co Solicitors are committed to delivering the finest legal advice for their clients on a private fee-paying basis. To start, Manjinder provides us with a brief overview of the firm and its client base. “As a high-end niche law firm, we can provide legal advice and representation for all matters concerning privately funded criminal defence, driving offences, transport law, PACE interviews under caution, regulatory law and licensing law. With our head office located in Victoria Square, Birmingham City Centre and branch offices in Central London and Milton Keynes, we are able to offer our services throughout England and Wales. “Typically, we represent individuals, businesses and business owners, aiming to deliver a personal service whether that’s at our office or on the phone. Priding ourselves on our expertise and quality, we promise high-quality legal advice and representation in all of the cases we take on. With the best qualified solicitors and barristers on our team, we can meet your requirements and more.” As a law firm, Kang & Co Solicitors are passionate about providing unrivalled legal advice and representation, supporting their clients with a commitment to customer service. As Manjinder goes on to explain, the abilities of their lawyers means they can often promise more than your average law firm. “With a strong client base built on personal and professional recommendations, we understand the need to provide outstanding levels of customer service. We are confident in the skills and abilities of our lawyers and for that reason we make several promises about the standard of service you can expect elsewhere.” In regard to the culture in place at Kang & Co Solicitors, staff must abide by the principles of which the firm was founded upon as Manjinder explains further. “We are an honest and ethical law firm who do not make any unrealistic promises or advertise misleading figures or percentages of successful cases to mislead and secure new clients. Moreover, we believe it’s those principles which have helped us build a strong reputation within the legal industry today.” Working in a fiercely competitive industry can be quite a daunting challenge for some law firms, especially if they have recently emerged. However, based on a private fee-paying basis, clients know exactly what they are getting from Kang & Co, from the outset as Manjinder confirms. “We can act on your matter via an ‘agreed fee’, which means there are no hidden legal costs. With our transparent approach, we will give you a good indication of the likely costs to see the entire matter to conclusion. By providing our advice from the outset, clients can appropriately budget for the legal costs to progress the case to trial.” Legal language can be quite complex and confusing at the best of times, however by breaking down the terminology for their clients everybody is on the same page as Manjinder goes on to explain. “To maintain legal clarity with the client, we explain the law, the best course of action to take and any developments within the case in plain simple English, avoiding any unnecessary legal language.” Committing any kind of crime can have certain consequences on careers, and from minute one the firm will always offer risk advice as Manjinder goes on to explain. “At all times, we make all our clients aware of any risks (including financial risks) in the case and recommend the best course of action to take to reduce risk. Our risk advice also includes guidance on any potential career repercussions.” Currently with the outbreak of COVID19, the operations of businesses across the country has changed dramatically. However, as Manjinder confirms the firm still aim to be as professional as possible during these difficult times. “As a law firm we aim to respond to your telephone calls, messages, letters and e-mails in a prompt and timely manner. Litigation can be a tough time for our clients and their families; therefore, we seek to deal with their queries or concerns as quickly as Private Criminal Defence Lawyers of the Year 2020 - England Kang & Co Solicitors possible. Under current government restrictions, we obviously can’t meet with our clients in person, however meetings can be conducted using phones and video conferencing. At least with these technologies, we can keep our clients regularly updated throughout the entire case.” Finally, Manjinder comments on the future of Kang & Co Solicitors and the plans in place to ensure the firm remain the leading private criminal defence lawyers in England. “Going forward, we will be looking to maintain the strong reputation we have built in the legal industry, while always looking to add new talent to the outstanding legal team we possess today.” Contact Name: Manjinder Kang Telephone Number: 03452229955 Address: 1 Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1BD Web Address: