Legal Awards 2021

16 | Legal Awards 2021 Feb21590 Best Start-Up & Entrepreneur Legal Advisors 2021 A legal firm capable of serving a variety of clients across a wide cross section, Ignition Law has made a name for itself by encouraging businesses to grow to their fullest potential. With its guidance, its customers are reaching new heights of success. Ignition Law is an advisor and partner for the journey of growth that it wishes to take its clients on, helping them to navigate the thorny path of complex legal matters. In working as both a confidant and collaborator, it provides support to its clients when they need it most, having developed services perfect for addressing a myriad of issues, and beneficial for all different kinds of clientele. It is confident it will be able to help, whether a person is a start-up business trying to get off the ground and unsure where to begin, a growing company looking to fundraise, a mature business in the market for expert advice regarding legal or commercial matters, or a founder securing an exit. It has solutions that can be tailored to suit any of those situations, amongst several others. All of these it has proven over the years with every case it takes on. Of course, by nature of serving such a diverse client base, it has developed services to suit. No matter where a client may be on their path to success, or where they see it going, Ignition Law has the experience needed to guide them towards the correct one. The result is a consultancy service proficient in everything from securing investments to protecting and monetising ideas. Consequentially, Ignition Law has developed a reputation for being able to support its clients in keeping everything running smoothly. It is passionate first and foremost about being able to guide and advise, encouraging its clients to think of planning for the future as a sort of roadmap through which it can help them plan the route. Its business model is therefore simple. It sees no need to overcomplicate or load with jargon that which needn’t have either. Therefore, it employs entrepreneurially minded lawyers who have a deep and broad knowledge of business law and how this will affect a client at every stage of growth. Its team can therefore apply their thorough knowledge of legislative matters to any industry and businesses across a variety of scales. Many of them have also run businesses themselves, and therefore have not just a theoretical, but a practical knowledge of what it takes to encourage a healthy business. The project management skills found within Ignition Law are also exemplary; it deploys agile working techniques within its infrastructure to keep track of tasks and cases, sharing this knowledge with the client to keep them in the loop. These methodologies used as standard increase efficiency and reduce costs, all enabled by the latest technological innovations, and constantly kept competitive by new updates and developments. For start-ups and scale-ups, this is invaluable, as it means that Ignition Law can keep prices low, working with a client so that it can fit around their budget without having to scrimp on quality. Speaking of making itself invaluable to companies just starting out or otherwise amid pivotal growth, its contact network also helps with this. By harnessing its rich ecosystem of partners, experts, and friends, it can put a client in touch with a myriad of people who are outstanding in their fields. This will benefit the client both in the short term and the long run, as it facilitates the creation of positive, long-lasting industry connections. In short, if Ignition Law doesn’t have the exact solution it thinks best for the client, it can put them in touch with someone who can. Emboldened by its principles of integrity, decency, kindness, and humility, it builds its own relationships with clients, cementing itself within the communities it works for. It also works with companies who help businesses make better use of their data to improve services and performance, helping clients to create platforms connecting volunteers with end users in need of additional support during the pandemic. Going forward, it will be continuing this work, and is looking forward to helping many more people in 2021 and beyond. Company: Ignition Law Contact: Cath Bell Website: