Legal Awards 2021

4 | Legal Awards 2021 Mar21142 Best Modern Corporate Law Firm - Greater London Over the years since its founding, Berkeley Rowe London has made a name for itself as a socially responsible law firm. With an exemplary attitude towards both its staff and its clientele, it is leading the charge in changing the attitudes of its industry. Berkeley Rowe London is a corporate and commercial law firm that has established its place amongst the rankings of Legal 500’s specialists, with a wide range of competencies that it wishes to share with its clients. A contemporary company with big ideas and a wide reach that extends to its worldwide clientele, it prides itself on its modernity and its ability to go against the grain. With the best trained lawyers in the city making it experts in litigation, real estate, SMEs, and Family offices, it operates with enviable professionalism and understanding. The empathic and personable nature of its services make it flexible and creative, able to support its clients at any time of the day. It has built its effectiveness through years of industry experience serving a broad range of clients across multiple industries, such as large international corporations, UHNWIs, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and health care professionals. Thinking of itself as ‘client and sector agnostic’; no matter the scale or specific business interests of a client, Berkeley Rowe believes it will have the solutions to help effectively, working hard to maintain a one on one feel. With bases in London, New York and the UAE, its large and expanding operation is only emboldened by this. When it comes to approaching its clients, it ensures that each receive a friendly and boutique experience that is tailored to them and considers their individual differences when putting together a case. This follows its staunch principles of valuing the individual. Both its staff and its clients are treated with kindness and respect, creating a healthy and professional environment that is a delight to work in, and ensuring the wellbeing of its team is taken care of. Upper management sees the teams they manage as another facet of their clientele, in a way. Firstly, without them, the firm doesn’t operate, and second, it encourages this mindset of ‘caretaking’ by the senior team. By implementing a staff-focused mindset that puts those who provide its services at the centre of its operation, it empowers them to offer the client-focused mentality that must be delivered at an individual level. In this way, it has managed its growth sustainably, ensuring it never loses track of the client, as it is consistent in its support of those who work with them. This also allows it to safeguard the mental health of its workers. Berkeley Rowe wishes to see mental health and safety become more of a common concern for employers, eradicating the barriers that a person suffering from such conditions may face in the workplace. Berkeley Rowe London is a corporate and commercial law firm that has established its place amongst the rankings of Legal 500’s specialists, with a wide range of competencies that it wishes to share with its clients. Due to this excellent methodology that is the standard across all its branches, it follows the UN SDG perfectly, and is at the very top of the league in many cases. With a happy and balanced staff that know the company is totally behind them during their work, it prizes its purpose focused processes, bucking the industry standard of more profit focused work. It has used this tactical advantage to expand its client list. Its team also plays excellently with other experts in the field, running outreach to work with some of the best law firms in the world. Additionally, Berkeley Rowe has billions of litigations and transactions under its belt that come together to form an excellent portfolio. This has increased its competency from its already stunning starting point, allowing it to build its list of competencies as well as improve its existing ones. In this way, despite the fact it now serves large businesses with complex legalese, it also still takes just as much pride in its small cases and smaller clients. It will serve all customers with the same amount of professionalism and intuitiveness, the charisma of its staff making it an invaluable partner when it comes to talking to the people involved, drawing out the details of a case. Over the years of operating thusly, Berkeley Rowe has also managed to accrue a vast list of contacts. All these contacts have been invaluable to its smaller clientele, as it can get them in touch with other legal experts and outstanding minds that further enhance a case. The encouraging of networking between clients and contacts bolsters the health of corporate structure across the board, as well as adding value to Berkeley Rowe’s services and elevating the position of smaller businesses. It also runs events that add to this networking service. These aren’t just host drinks or seminars, but