Legal Awards 2021

8 | Legal Awards 2021 for employees to account for their approach to work, be that working from home or at the office or the hours they were working, only that they committed to get work done, meet client expectations and deadlines. That approach is a large part behind the firm’s growth through recommendation and referrals. In tandem with this, Tenet immerses itself in the world of financial crime compliance and knowing how clients can best respond if they suspect or discover fraud. Helping clients cut through the heavy detail of compliance and to feel assured if fraud is suspected. Tenet illustrates the options to client clearly and effectively, helping clients understand the solutions that are best for their particular circumstances. Above all it strives to collaborate with a client; and this goes for every aspect of a case from goal to budget. When laying out a client’s potential avenues of response, it will ensure its suggestions line up with their specifications and requirements and reach a suitable resolution strategy through open, honest, frank conversation. This serves it well in putting a client’s mind at ease, as during every interaction its team show their acumen in seeing the person behind the numbers. Tenet’s reputation has in this way been developed from its ability to put the client first and foster an attitude of calm competence. For many victims of fraud, the experience is cost-prohibitive and damaging, but Tenet can mitigate this risk and even offer cost-effective routes as resolutions, built from cumulative years of international and national law experience. Having come along leaps and bounds in its industry since its founding in 2016, Tenet will continue to increase its influence as it progresses, each case bringing its industry another step forward. Company: Tenet Compliance & Litigation Contact: Arun Chauhan Website: A relatively new financial crime and fraud response consultancy firm, Tenet has been making a name for itself. Over the years since its founding, the progressive law firm has utilised cloud-based technology and modern working practices to deliver costs- effective solutions for clients and a genuine work life balance for its people. It’s unique approach has effectively shepherded it towards greater notoriety that is only growing. Tenet is a legal firm striving to help clients every day in responding to fraud and guiding them through the jumbled legalese and complications that make up the world of financial crime compliance. Its core principle is in the name itself; Tenet – an intrinsic belief. This is emblematic of its commitment to remembering that above all it is here to help its clients, and work hard to go above and beyond in doing so, with empathic and understanding customer service. Its clients are often time poor and already under pressure without having to cope with the potentially devastating, financial, and emotional consequences of fraud. In Tenet’s eyes, fraud is ‘always personal’, and its specialist advice covers the spectrum of preventative action in the form of training and policy advice, through to case investigation and litigation. Tenet, above all else, has created a firm that provides an accessible route into handling its clients challenges quickly and effectively. This is coupled with its desire to create a positive workplace environment for its team, prioritising a flexible work-life balance and an optimistic attitude that they can then extend towards its customers. This means no fees targets, chargeable hours targets or cash collection targets for any fee earner. This enables Tenet’s team to focus on delivering work without concern or pressure of presenteeism or personal targets, increasing employee morale and client satisfaction. All the team have national and international law firm experience with in-depth expertise of financial crime and compliance across a variety of sectors. Tenet has thusly earned itself clients from all around the world, and a reputation that only grows as it continually demonstrates the excellence of its work. With the latest cloud- based technology and innovative working Best Financial Crime & Compliance Law Firm 2021 practices at its fingertips, it ensures that its solutions are top of the range and shape the industry standard whilst driving down the cost of its services – being perfect for SMEs wanting the assurance and experience of national law firm lawyers but happy to find this from this boutique firm. Its team work hard but maintain a healthy work- life balance, and it has in this way made itself an exemplary company to work for. At Tenet, since it started in 2016, there was no need Feb21606