Legal Awards 2022

20 | Legal Awards 2022 Communication can be seen throughout each level of the business, and it strives to improve in this area in order to guarantee efficacy. In addition, the need for effective communication was bolstered during the pandemic – V4B Business Finance underwent a great amount of change, which emphasized the areas in which the company was succeeding but also areas that needed improvement. It is with this firmly in mind that the company is constantly pushing for the betterment of its operations and internal structure. Going forward, the company hopes to further expand, and is excited about being released from the shackles of the pandemic. As such, straight out of the gate, V4B Business Finance will be involving itself with a range of projects. For example, the business recently worked with Sky in order to boost its advertising – in turn, the company will be placing a greater focus on digital marketing as it hopes to spread its message far and wide. Additionally, V4B Business Finance are serving as ambassadors for Wrexham in the race for the city to be recognised as 2025’s City of Culture. Wrexham has made it on to the shortlist, where it is featured as one of the top four. Contact: Mark Paddock Company: V4B Business Finance Web Address: V4B Business Finance are a well-regarded lending company that works with firms to create a better future. It builds long-term relationships with each of its clients, providing them with bespoke and flexible financial solutions – in turn, V4B Business Finance has established itself as a top-rated provider of legal funding. Founded in 1991, V4B LTD came about to offer funding options for both personal and business vehicles. As the business grew, and V4B LTD built stronger relationships with its clientele, it became abundantly clear that there was a need in the market for a unique and trusted credit broker. Consequently, V4B launched V4B Business Finance (formally V4B Professions.) V4B Business Finance is devoted to providing corporate loans based upon a foundation of professionalism, transparency, and integrity. The company is home to a range of payment plans for firms that, over time, match their income streams – a core element of this is the implementation of instalment options that soften the financial pinch points as the client’s company expands. Further, V4B Business Finance’s goal is to supply cashflow management services that enable its clients to grow and focus on what they do best without having to constantly check their bank account to see if payments have landed. Furthermore, this funding can be used to help its clients acquire a new firm, assist with partner buy outs/ins, refurbishment, or cover trading liabilities like Tax and VAT on a monthly basis. V4B Business Finance communicates with clients in order to gain an understanding of their plans, as this enables it to offer suggestions as to how the funding may be able to assist in the client’s firm. Whilst V4B Business Finance utilises technology, it believes that it’s important to have personal connection with its customers. Speaking on behalf of the company, Mark Paddock comments, ‘there is a march to automated systems for funding and banking, but you lose some of the real-world connection this way and you often find it hard to have a simple conversation and become increasingly frustrated about not being able to speak to the right people.’ Indeed, employing the ‘right people’ is a vital element of V4B Business Finance’s strategy. ‘Our main advantage is conducting ourselves in a professional manner, providing clear and concise communication through our dealings, and retaining the ‘people’ element of our business,’ Mark continues. Best Legal Funding Provider 2022 & Client Service Excellence Award 2022 Mar22443 V4B Business Finance