Legal Awards 2022

22 | Legal Awards 2022 he truly deepens the wealth of knowledge that this law firm has under its belt. With comprehensive understanding of the eviction process, Shujaat aids landlords across the UK in their endeavours. Landlords must follow specific laws in order to terminate tenancies, and sometimes these laws can seem difficult to understand and absorb. That’s where Shujaat and the team at Daniel & Baker Solicitors comes in. It is absolutely imperative that each law firm recognises the emotional, legal, and monetary strains that people experience with relation to evictions and terminations of contracts on legal grounds. For the future, Shujaat and the team pushes for a more clear-cut process for each client – and it is obvious evident that they are doing everything they can to make things easy for all. Contact: Shujaat Ali Company: Daniel & Baker Solicitors Ltd Web Address: Contact No. 0161 5050635 Email: Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, Daniel & Baker Solicitors Ltd has the advice you may be searching for. With other firms offering advice that could be shrouded by jargon and complex terms, it can be difficult to find something that breaks your legal rights down to small chunks that you can digest everything without difficulty. Not only has Daniel & Baker Solicitors won an award, but its very own Shujaat Ali has been recognised for his admirable work in the industry. Daniel & Baker Solicitors Ltd is a reliable, trustworthy, and respected law firm based in Oldham, however with national coverage. With clients based in all regions of the England & Wales and their solicitors regularly attending court on behalf of their clients. Not only is it dependable and well-educated, but it is deeply understanding and offers free initial consultations to its clients who are wishing to know more about their legal situation. Covering legal issues such as personal injury, civil litigation, residential conveyancing, boundary dispute, debt, and much more, Daniel & Baker Solicitors has something to offer to every client. Its landlord and tenant legal services has won them prestigious and enviable awards and it shows no sign of slowing down as it reaches these new heights. Daniel & Baker Solicitors’ unique selling point is its drive toward simplicity and ease for each client – by providing effortless solutions and excellent advice, Daniel & Baker Solicitors makes each legal matter straightforward for the foreseeable future. As a client-centric law firm, Daniel & Baker Solicitors focuses its efforts on being committed to each case for the best outcome imaginable. Shujaat Ali has become a well-known and highly regarded attorney solicitor for Daniel & Baker Solicitors, and he is always adapting to the trends of the industry. With his clientfocused attitude and agile response to each case, Shujaat is able to tackle any legal issues – especially in relation to eviction cases. From every perspective, Shujaat has the power experience to understand and help every one of Daniel & Baker Solicitors’ clients. By working as part of a team for 13 years in housing matters, Top Tier Landlord & Tenants Law Firm - North West & Landlord’s Evictions Solicitor of the Year (North West): Shujaat Ali Apr22145 Daniel & Baker Solicitors Ltd