Legal Awards 2022

23 | Legal Awards 2022 The right legal advice at the right time can make a real difference, but accessing this advice is not always easy. The team behind Avery Law has set out to provide forward thinking next generation legal services with a focus on corporate, finance and commercial matters in the growth tech sector. Their remarkable success in the UK Legal Awards 2022 from SME News reflects the demand for this in the industry, and is something to be celebrated. We take a closer look to discover precisely how they did it! 2022 marks the tenth anniversary of Avery Law, a firm which has quickly built a name for itself as an expert provider of English law advice on a wide range of transactional matters. Since its inception, the Avery Law team have been committed to working in a way that transcends the traditional law firm model, offering unrivalled capacity for their size. The important transactions that clients entrust this talented team with show the immense esteem with which they are held. The role of technology is one which has played a major role in the development of Avery Law. The team have grown to offer a highly specialised service focusing on corporate, finance and commercial matters in the growth tech sector. In the same way, the firm has built itself up as a tech-enabled and agile business, one which never settles for using the same ways that have gone before. Innovation, and enabling others to innovate, is one of the reasons that the business has been able to thrive over the last decade. Avery Law counts some of the most innovative start-ups and scale-ups, finest entrepreneurial minds and highly regarded private, corporate and institutional clients as part of an extensive portfolio. Clients that come to Avery Law are looking for specialised delivery of legal services that stands apart from the crowd – being drawn in by the idea of the firm doing things differently. The Avery Law team pride themselves on the exceptional relationships that they have been able to develop with their clients, allowing them to provide advice that is uniquely tailored to their specific requirements and which is commercially focused to the needs of each client. Over the years, this has created the potential for amazing business success for its clients at many different levels and stages of the corporate lifecycle, and is the reason that clients trust the Avery Law team with their most important transactions and projects. It goes without saying that this more personal and client-centric approach is one which is championed incredibly highly by the Avery Law team. The structure of Avery Law as an independent firm means that they have been able to draw on an incredible network of trusted boutique firms across the world. Instead of being forced to turn to the same formal group of international firms, the flexibility of Avery Law has allowed the team to hand-pick the perfect professional to meet the precise needs of each client. The legal world must move forward if it wants to survive, and it’s firms such as Avery Law which guide that change. Better business outcomes depend on better legal advice, and that’s precisely what this firms offers each and every one of its clients. The firm’s success is justly earned. We cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: Avery Law LLP Name: David Turney, Co-Founder | Managing Partner Bjorn Benckert, Co-Founder and Managing Partner Email: | Mar22224 Best Boutique Law Firm - London