Legal Awards 2022

6 | Legal Awards 2022 Mar22040 Most Innovative Property Firm - East London When it comes to the legal industry, innovation isn’t just driven by clever solutions. It can involve change at the very heart of how a company operates. In SME News’ UK Legal Awards 2022, the team at TTS Legal Ltd achieved amazing success through focusing on the needs of their workforce and empowering them to thrive, even in the most difficult of time. We take a closer look to find out more. When the team at TTS Legal first opened their doors in 2015, they only had one office in Ilford. Over the last seven years, the team’s reach has expanded considerably, incorporating a city office in September 2021, and opening a new office in Bath in February 2022. What is clear from this incredible rate of expansion is that there is not only the appetite for the team’s services, but a desire to ensure that the demand is met. TTS Legal is led by six highly experienced partners, each with their own area of expertise within the law. Over the years, the firm has proven itself a powerful force when it comes to working in the Residential and Commercial Conveyancing, Immigration, Litigation and Probate sectors. As the business has grown to match demand, so too have the quantity of people working at TTS Legal. Each partner is backed up by a team of five solicitors, as well as two consultant solicitors and twelve dedicated support staff and legal assistants. This comprehensive approach has gone a long way to ensuring that the service offered to clients is truly exceptional in every respect. With so many staff on hand, it’s easy to see how the team have been able to provide their clients with such inimitable customer service. This service is characterised by a determination to keep them abreast of any developments, no matter how large or small. The quick responses demonstrate not only that the team care deeply about their clients, but that they have the knowledge they need at their fingertips. Nothing is too ambitious for their skills as every project brings its own unique challenges that must be overcome. One of the areas where the TTS Legal team thrive is through their work in the local community. Offering legal services to the wider ethnic community has proven to be incredibly rewarding. Facilitating this is not an easy task for many firms, but the ability of the team at TTS Legal to speak multiple foreign languages