Legal Awards 2022

Legal Awards 2022 | 7 Most Innovative Property Firm - East London has proven to be a boon to this side of the business. It is a welcome addition to their more commercial work. The skills applied here, taking the time to get to know the needs of clients, characterises the way in which the rest of the business operates. By taking the time to keep clients, agents and brokers updated the team at TTS Legal have been able to gain incredible trust for their work. The strength of their relationships puts them heads and shoulders ahead of the competition. This has ensured that TTS Legal has been able to secure a lot of repeat business and many new customers by word of mouth. The success of the team’s approach has meant they do not need to market their services. They have, in fact, become synonymous with quality. To provide this quality of support to clients, there is a strong focus on the wellbeing of staff. The workforce in any business is the beating heart of the service that is delivered, and the team at TTS Legal pride themselves on the way in which their team operates. At all times, a friendly, inclusive culture with respect for equality and diversity is championed. This welcoming atmosphere is one where everybody feels encouraged to participate and speak. The impact on this legal firm has been transformative. By promoting such a positive place to work, the team is incredibly tight-knit. An open-door policy means that both partners and supervisors are easily accessible for discussion. Yearly appraisals of performance allow for a space where feedback is given and a 360 degree basis. More than just a place to work, TTS is a place where people are encouraged and empowered to grow professionally and personally. The team have managed to thrive over the last two years, never being slowed by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a need to manage client expectations during this period, whilst adapting to the new difficulties with working from home. A small skeleton crew remained in the office, but it was vital to keep in regular contact with staff throughout. Despite the incredible increase in instructions and chaos of the stamp duty holiday, the level of service never wavered at all. It’s a credit to the commitment shown by all involved to the wellbeing of staff, and how this wellbeing creating a more welcoming environment for all. The firm’s growth, involving the merger with another firm in the City and followed this up by opening up another branch office in Bath, demonstrates their impressive position at the moment. It’s a position that the team are determined to continue in the coming months, with plans to open a new branch office in Manchester during 2022. The team are also in the process of working towards Lexcel Accreditation. Perhaps, however, the most telling sign of success for this incredible team is their plan to maintain excellence in staff health and wellbeing, by completing the programme to achieve the Investors in People Award. Innovation is not just something that is done for profit. For the team at TTS Legal, innovation has come from looking at the service that they offer and working tirelessly to ensure that they deliver something special indeed. By making sure that wellbeing comes first, working from the inside out, the team have been able to achieve stunning results that have benefitted everybody. Company: TTS Legal Ltd Name: Peter Bastiampillai Email: Web Address: