UK Legal Awards 2023

15 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23511 Best Independent Will Writing Business 2023 Devon based Avalon Legal is a fully insured and regulated professional legal firm offering estate planning including Wills and Powers of Attorney. It prides itself on being a visionary leader in the profession and tailoring its services to suit the varied needs of its clientele. Its award winning will writing services are informative and much endorsed. Avalon Legal is headed up by legal expert Colin Wells, a family man with over 20 years of legal experience. Avalon Legal is aware that clients work and lead busy lives. With this in mind, it offers appointments tailored around its clients’ work and family commitments. It offers appointments that are both flexible and often available out of hours, to suit individual clients’ needs. Avalon Legal is a unique legal practice specialising in wills, lasting powers of attorney, probate, estate planning and funeral planning. It is a company willing and able to go the extra mile for its valued clients. When it comes to will writing, Avalon Legal is committed to assisting its clients. It knows the importance of this document cannot be overstated. Will writing allows a person to have control over what happens to their property, money and belongings after they die. And yet, according to recent research 59% of UK adults haven’t made a will. That figure goes up to 65% among 45–54-year-olds. But just what should you put in a will, and how does the process work? There are plenty of things to consider when making a will. For one, it helps to control your estate, which is the main concern for most people when it comes to writing a will. They want to make sure their money and possessions are distributed in the way they prefer. Another thing it can help with is to reduce the stress for your next of kin. Following the death of a loved one, the amount of bureaucracy and arrangements that have to be made can be overwhelming. If a person dies without making a will, they are said to have died intestate. This means their estate will be divided according to official set rules, rather than in the way they may have intended. This is why it’s important to make a will and keep it updated. It will mean you can make provision for your children in the way you see fit. A will is where you can make your funeral requests clear, setting out the kind of funeral you’d like, whether you’d prefer to be buried or cremated, and your choice of music. Making a clear will can also help reduce your inheritance tax. As anything in your estate above £325,000 (2022/2023 tax year) is liable for inheritance tax, planning can help reduce the amount of tax your estate is liable for. Other things a will might specify are making charitable donations, protecting your digital assets (such as photographs or other password protected documents), and who should look after your pets. If you die without making a will, what you leave becomes subject to intestacy laws. If there are no surviving relatives who can inherit under the rules of intestacy, the estate passes to the crown. The intestacy laws are designed to help decide who’s entitled to your estate under the rules of inheritance. A big disadvantage here is your estate may not pass to the people you want to benefit. For example, if you were married or had a civil partner, there’s no guarantee your children or grandchildren would receive anything. Getting professional support when it comes to writing a will is imperative, which is where Avalon Legal comes in. It will help you to protect your family’s future by safely transferring your money, assets and possessions from one generation to the next. It is never an easy conversation to have, but it’s very important to talk to those close to you about your wishes after your death. This can help prevent any arguments or misunderstandings after the event. It is also an opportunity to find out what treasured possessions they value and might like to receive. Avalon Legal will help guide you when it comes to how to go about making a will. It will walk you through the steps one must take in deciding how to distribute your estate. It will begin with getting your estate valued. This means you need to calculate your total assets such as property, savings and investments, as well as any debts such as outstanding mortgage payments, credit card loans and bank overdrafts. Aside from its extensive will facilitation services, Avalon Legal can also help with Lasting Power of Attorney. Other aspects of legal affairs Avalon can assist with include dealing with probate, contested probate, funeral wishes, how divorce affects a will, and writing a letter of wishes. Its extensive knowledge and experience means clients are in safe hands when it comes to their will requirements, whatever they may be. The company is backed up by dozens of positive customer testimonials, and now they are also the recipients of a UK Legal Award as Best Independent Will Writing Business 2023. Well done to this trusted and awardwinning company for its professional and highly recommended first-class legal services. Contact Details Company: Avalon Legal Contact: Colin Wells Web Address: