UK Legal Awards 2023

17 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23493 Criminal Defence Lawyers of the Year 2023 Specialising in regulation, crime and professional discipline, FPS Law Ltd. offers a cost-effective approach to legal matters, helping clients with firearms licensing appeals, employment disputes, family matters, and criminal matters such as police station interviews. The firm delivers quality legal services, working with a range of regulatory bodies across the UK as well as private clients. FPS Law understands the stressful and upsetting nature of criminal cases. Life changing consequences are on the table if clients are convicted of an offence. The firm strives to guide its clients through every aspect of their case, explaining their options and ensuring they are aware of how things could develop at each stage of the process. Whether an individual is being accused of an offence, has been arrested, charged, released on bail, or are under investigation, they are encouraged to get in touch with FPS Law’s specialist criminal defence solicitors as soon as possible. The firm is equipped with a dedicated 24-hour police station call-out line for all criminal defence matters, with experienced representatives stationed across England and Wales. For individuals planning to appeal a firearms license refusal or revocation, FPS Law can also assist in the process of planning their appeal. Since it must be presented directly to the Crown Court, proper preparation for any appeal is essential to maximise its chance of success. As well as this, the firm is able to assist clients in making an initial application for a firearm license and can help with the process of amending a license to increase the number of permitted firearms. FPS Law has built a strong relationship with the independent bar, meaning its clients can access Barristers with over 20 years of experience in policing and firearms. Accessing specialist legal advice and robust representation can be crucial when facing regulatory investigation or prosecution. The right legal support can help businesses meet requirements, minimise risk of prosecution, and build an effective defence. FPS Law specialises in regulatory law, working closely with experienced Barristers who are knowledgeable about topics including professional regulatory bodies, trading standards, environmental agencies, and the health and safety executive. If their profession is governed by an official body, individuals may be investigated for alleged breaches of regulation and disciplined accordingly. FPS Law’s regulation and discipline team can advise and defend an individual or business throughout this process, striving to protect their reputation. If the investigation leads to a tribunal or hearing, the firm will support them and appeal any decisions if the client is treated unfairly. FPS Law can also assist with a range of employment disputes, from bullying and harassment to unfair dismissals. While the firm always tries to resolve disputes sensitively, sometimes it may not be possible for individuals to continue working for their employer. In these cases, FPS Law will negotiate a severance package that protects their interests and allows them to progress to the next stage of their life. The legal process is not easy for anyone. Clients are often experiencing a difficult time in their lives when they work with FPS Law, which is why it strives to be supportive and reassuring. The firm’s hardworking team members treat all clients as they would family, going above and beyond to provide personal yet professional services. Contactable at any hour of the day, the team keeps its clients’ interests at the forefront of their priorities. Since they all work to achieve the same goals, the staff at FPS Law work together seamlessly. Unlike competitors, the team works collaboratively, utilising their own and each other’s expertise to deliver the best possible outcome for clients. FPS Law encourages its staff to get to know each other for this reason, arranging days out and events so the team is constantly growing closer. As a result of its outstanding services, FPS Law is impressively rated 5 stars on Trustpilot, with reviews praising the professional, efficient, reliable, and affordable services it provides. Clients also feel reassured and cared for by FPS Law throughout the process, for example one review states, “FPS were extremely helpful. I honestly couldn’t believe how much they seemed to care about me and my case. I felt comfortable in an uncertain time, and I can’t thank them enough. I’m glad it’s all finally come to an end.” With such amazing feedback for its services, it is no surprise that FPS Law Ltd. has won Criminal Defence Lawyers of the Year in the UK Legal Awards 2023. Since 2022, FPS Law has rapidly expanded its company and range of services. This growth is expected to continue in 2023. In the coming year, the company plans to develop a legal clinic working with local educational institutions to support future lawyers. The firm has also developed a fund to support clients who need legal support but are unable to afford it, which it will focus on developing further in the next year. The future is bright for FPS Law as it looks forward to these exciting developments. Contact: Stephen Elliott Company: FPS Law Limited Web Address: