UK Legal Awards 2023

18 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23393 Most Client-Focused Family Law Practice 2023 Family Law Café is an online platform aimed at providing help for anyone going through a family law matter. The tech-savvy, entrepreneurial company offers a one stop shop for advice, assistance and secure document storage in its online case space. Its experts cover all aspects of family law as well as related features such as mortgage and pension advice, mediation, and therapy services, as and when required. Family law barrister and legal entrepreneur Joanna Toch is the leader of the Family Law Café. It aims to make the family legal system a person centric experience, working around the client needing help rather than them having to work around the legal system. It looks at everything from the client’s point of view, keeps costs in check, and provides emotional support helping them progress their family legal problem to the best outcome. Putting the customer first is a re-focused way of looking at family law practice. The Family Law Café begin this journey by examining where its client has already got to, what their situational challenges are, and where they want to reach. As legal insiders, it can advise on what is possible and reasonable, and the best way to get there. All this is done whilst taking into account the customer’s resources, and the approach that is right for them. As it is an online resource, an initial meeting is offered by video call or phone. The Family Law Café takes time to understand the matter, then it will offer clients a fixed rate fee for its assistance. This might be a monthly fee to cover all of its guidance, with uplifts if experts are needed at a later stage. Alternatively, it might be a fee already including the price of agreed experts required. This choice is very much dependent upon where the case has reached. For example, it may be in the early stages where a fixed monthly fee is most appropriate, or a court hearing may already be approaching, making it better to have an all-in fee inclusive of court representative. Family Law Café had the idea to change the way family law services were offered after Joanna Toch had worked in the sector for 30 years and felt the public could be better served. The company concept is new, consequently it always feels it is learning from its customers and working to make things simpler for them. Customer views are very important to the company, who aim for an impeccable service. It is proud of the testimonials it has received on Trustpilot and Google – praising the excellent work it has done. Family law is a mixture of legal process and practicality, so the company needs to be smart, focused, and also empathetic. Dealing with courts can be a frustrating experience, and customers can get emotional at times. Sometimes, all they need is to be listened to - a good chat can really help! Courts are beginning to move to an online system, but there are teething problems. Delays in cases, even strong ones, might encourage customers to look at other approaches. Family Law Café always advises its customers in this situation. It aims to be the leading source of information about family law. With Family Law Café, clients have a lawyer on tap day and night via their online case space, where they can also upload documents, view documents, ask questions and check the calendar for upcoming hearings. This negates the need to get in a car or book an appointment, and everything is confidential and built around them the customer. The Family Law Café system is one that works and gets results. Using the skills of expert solicitors, divorce coaches, and mediators at any time - but only when they are needed - keeps costs down. It also means customers get everything they need to achieve a favourable outcome in one convenient online place. The Family Law Café is constantly working to improve its tech platform and make it easier for people to deal with their family matter in a convenient and easy way. It is no surprise to find out the company has been awarded the title Most Client-Focused Family Law Practice 2023. With its entrepreneurial attitude, and pride in being able to change its customers lives for the better, this award-winning company is looking forward to a flourishing future with passion and zeal! Contact: Joanna Toch Company: Family Law Cafe Web Address: