UK Legal Awards 2023

19 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23392 Best Medical Negligence Solicitors 2023 Devonshires Claims is a specialist clinical negligence and personal injury practice based in central London. With 20 years of combined experience, its team works closely alongside each client to ensure they get the best possible result on their claim. We take a closer look to learn more about the company and its services. Devonshires Claims has helped hundreds of clients throughout England and Wales secure compensation because of neglective care or treatment provided by – a nurse, GP, surgeon, consultant, anaesthetist, dentist, or other healthcare professional. It offers its services as ‘No win no fee’ and, throughout the years, it has secured millions of pounds in compensation. In order to provide clients with high quality services and favourable results, Devonshires Claims is very client focused. It delivers professional legal representation whilst giving compassion, empathy, and warmth to help clients through the process. The team have in depth experience in medical negligence which means they are able to find effective solutions, even for the most complex cases. When at the beginning of the claim, the team make the effort to speak with clients on a faceto-face basis, whether that is in person or through teams. Devonshires Claims believes that it is important for them to see who will be running their claim as they will be speaking on their behalf. In addition, in order to deliver the best possible results in each case, its team ensures to build a relationship with every client to get an in detail understanding of them and their case. Devonshires Claims focuses in giving individuals that have been victim of medical negligence an opportunity to speak out when they can’t do it for themselves. To ensure that its services are accessible it offers free case evaluation. As clients have already been through enough, the litigation process is made as stress free as possible. The team is there to alleviate its clients stress, not add to it. This is why it is no surprise that Devonshires Claims has now received the title of Best Medical Negligence Solicitors 2023. Feedback from many happy customers reflect how hard Devonshires Claims works. For example, one shares, “‘Devonshires has found the knack of retaining the feel of a small firm whilst having the critical mass of the big firms. The team has all the knowledge and skills to work on the biggest, most complex claims, whilst still keeping the individual attention to detail and client care that is so important in clinical negligence claimant work. The team also has an ethos of working with each client, counsel, and experts to create a coherent team that works together to get the best results for injured victims of clinical negligence.” We look forward to watching Devonshires Claims grow throughout the years as it continues to deliver clients with the justice they deserve. Contact Details Contact: Karen Cathcart Company: Devonshires Claims Web Address: “ Our belief is that, with the right support and direction from our specialist team, those who have been injured can move towards righting the wrongs that have been done. ”