UK Legal Awards 2023

22 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23384 Best Family Law Firm 2023 - Essex Sheryl Perry Solicitors is a small boutique law firm that was established in 2019. Its founder, Sheryl Perry began her career in 1980s and was eager to become a solicitor. Her dreams were put on hold temporarily as she started her own family. Later, as a single mother of three small children, she undertook her degree and became a solicitor. Now, Sheryl Perry Solicitors has been recognised in the UK Legal Awards 2023. Seeking legal representation can be stressful and finding the right professionals to represent your case is not always easy. That is where Sheryl Perry Solicitors comes in as it offers its expertise for divorce and dissolution, pre/post nuptial agreements, trust deeds, co-habiting agreements, prohibited steps orders, financial settlements, travel consent orders, child arrangement orders, and parental responsibility orders. Sheryl Perry Solicitors tailors its services to the needs of each client both emotionally and financially. The team is flexible and works around the clients’ commitments. They can choose whether they want online or face to face meetings – this helps alleviate the need for additional childcare. In addition, Sheryl explains, “Whilst we do not offer legal aid, we do offer an unbundling of services which can be adapted to help clients manage their legal expenses, only paying for the direct services they need.” The team at Sheryl Perry Solicitors is made up of experts that are supported by first class administration and organisational strength. They use a management system that makes sure deadlines are being met and client files are being reviewed regularly to guarantee everything is running smoothly. Sheryl Perry Solicitors manages each client’s expectations and aims to achieve the best settlement possible for them. Legal jargon can be difficult to understand so its advice is clear and concise as it is important for clients to understand the process. Sheryl enthuses, “We take the time to sit down and explain the legislation and what it means for their case with them, not at them, and this followed up with written advice for them to refer back to if needed.” Being able to help people realise that they can have a better, safer, and happier life is why the team continues to do what they do. Sheryl Perry Solicitors stays updated with the new or revised legislations to improve its practices. This is to provide clients with the finest services that lead to great results. The hard work that Sheryl has put into building the company, and offering the high-quality services that it does, is exactly what has led for Sheryl Perry Solicitors to receive the title of Best Family Law Firm 2023 – Essex. If you are interested in its services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. The team is more than happy to help answer any questions. You can head over to its website to find out more. Contact: Sheryl Perry Company: Sheryl Perry Solicitors Web Address: “ We are great listeners who understand our clients’ needs, which means we are best placed to offer the legal solutions to their problems. ”