UK Legal Awards 2023

29 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23615 Best Business Immigration Lawyers 2023 – England Axis Solicitors Limited has professional and experienced solicitors who can assist clients with their case to obtain successful results. We find out more about the nationwide practice as it is recognised in the UK Legal Awards 2023. Axis Solicitors Limited has more than 15 years’ worth of extensive experience in helping individuals from all over the world with complex immigration issues, personal injury, clinical negligence, and family law matters. The firm prides itself on its stellar reputation, expertise, and extensive experience in delivering service of a high standard to all individuals and businesses. The firm’s vision is clear, it aims to have an outstanding reputation in the legal sector, to be its clients’ trusted legal representatives, to create economic opportunities for its workforce for them to enjoy a happy and balanced lifestyle, and to be a reasonably profitable firm. Respected by all of its clients, Axis Solicitors’ exemplary results speak for themselves. Over time, the firm’s involvement in immigration cases has increased due to the swift changes in immigration laws and government policies. The firm has grown rapidly, with a track record of excellent results in solving complex cases, because it considers all of its clients as family members. Since the late 2000s, Axis has supported skilled foreign workers, international students, and their dependent families in relocating to the UK. It has assisted many local individuals and businesses with their legal matters. “We genuinely believe that every client deserves a professional and tailored service from us as their legal representative,” A spokesperson for the company explains. “We are ready and committed at all times to serving our clients with high standards of professionalism, exceeding their expectations and receiving a positive outcome is our priority” Over the course of time, the practice has rapidly expanded in all major cities of the UK, having offices in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Chester, and Manchester. With highly experienced and knowledgeable solicitors based in all offices, Axis reaches out to all of its clients in face-to-face meetings or through modern communication methods, which are now prevailing in the digital world post-Covid. Today, with core values centred around providing expert knowledge and professional experience, being proactive, and building trustworthy relationships, The team at Axis Solicitors are specialist and qualified solicitors who are passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated to collaborating closely with clients to ensure that they are always aware of the progress and insuring the quality of work is always above expectation. “We spend valuable time fully grasping our clients’ problems and providing unique advice to reach our clients’ end goals and plans,” the spokesperson continues. “To assist our clients in reaching a quick and affordable solution, we put together an excellent team with the perfect combination of knowledge, abilities, and experience to obtain a successful result.” Axis Solicitors’ strategy is very innovative, yet simple – every client receives a unique service. All clients are advised, guided, and represented by qualified solicitors, along with the standard of care one would expect from a reputable law firm. The company’s obsession with high standards and quality results means it has assisted thousands of individuals and businesses in obtaining various visas for the UK, or appealing Home Office immigration decisions if they are refused for any reason. The practice’s expert solicitors have provided guidance to thousands of people and assisted them in obtaining financial support, emotional suffering, and other losses that result from any personal injuries they sustained. The team has both the skills and knowledge to take action and obtain compensation for the injuries and losses that result if someone has been hurt in a public setting, whether it be at an interior establishment like a store or an outdoor space. As professionals in all facets of family law, including divorce and separation, as well as safeguarding children and assets during these trying times, the well-informed Family Law team have all the expertise and skills to help clients get through difficult times easily so that they can move forward with their lives. The skilled clinical negligence solicitors have helped those who have endured the consequences of clinical negligence and know how to improve their lives by taking the time to comprehend what the client is going through in order to assist them in obtaining the answers and compensation to which they are entitled. Recently, for its dedication and commitment to clients in the immigration field, Axis Solicitors gained recognition in the UK Legal Awards 2023 and was named Best Business Immigration Lawyers 2023 – England. Axis Solicitors Limited 020 4531 4703