UK Legal Awards 2023

About our UK Legal Awards 2023 The legal industry plays a significant role in the UK economy, not only in terms of employment numbers but their overall contribution to the national economy, exports and the UK’s trade. As such, SME News is proud to present the Legal Awards, with the intention to recognise and spotlight the very best that this innovative and competitive industry has to offer. The team at SME News are delighted to host the Legal Awards 2023 for its fifth consecutive year! The Legal Awards are our annual tribute to those who dedicate themselves to business excellence, adapting to the nation’s diverse legal challenges and retaining the UK legal sector’s world-class standards! As the largest legal services market in Europe, and second largest globally, the UK legal sector is highly esteemed on a global scale. Alongside growing awareness of the importance of legal services for UK businesses, annual turnover in the sector reached a record height of £41.6bn from 2021-2022. This is forecasted to continue, as law firms adapt their service offering to meet the ever-developing demands of their clients and legal spend optimisation increases. The Legal Awards 2023 seeks to commend those law firms whose clientfocused service, value-adding expertise and technological prowess are at the forefront of the UK legal sector. Collectively, SMEs in the UK lose around £13.6bn due to unforeseen legal issues, which means legal firms who can correctly advise and guide these enterprises are an invaluable resource for their success! Sofi Parry | Senior Editor