UK Legal Awards 2023

6 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23422 Best UK Visa Specialists 2023 - East Midlands Founded in 2019, Kurl Legal Services is an immigration law firm offering best-in-class legal assistance with the process of applying for and obtaining a visa or citizenship in the UK. Clients are at the heart of the business, so it strives to deliver personalised and high-quality services, as well as straightforward pricing with no hidden costs. No matter their situation, clients can trust that Kurl Legal Services will streamline the application process and maximise their chances of success. Based in Nottingham, Kurl Legal Services specialises in all types of UK visa applications, including corporate visas, skilled worker visas, partner visas, student visas, visitor visas, and registration for British Citizenship. On the firm’s website, those interested can find a wealth of information about the eligibility requirements for each category and are advised to get in touch with Kurl Legal Services if they decide to make an application. The firm’s knowledgeable team will support them through the process and ensure that their application ticks all the necessary boxes, increasing the likelihood that it will be successful. Kurl Legal Services was founded by Jyoti Kurl, a qualified Immigration Lawyer regulated and authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. She studied Law and completed her Legal Practice Course at De Montfort University in Leicester. In her work, Jyoti strives to guide her clients through the often-difficult process of joining or settling with their families. In this, she aims to make them feel welcome and at ease, taking the stress out of the situation by making everything as straightforward as possible. Jyoti is now backed by an incredible team at Kurl Legal Services, consisting of several experienced lawyers who speak a range of languages, including French, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Arabic, and Mirpuri. With multilingual capabilities, the firm advises and assists clients from all over the world. When clients choose to work with Kurl Legal Services, the process always begins with a detailed meeting in which the team take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs. Together, they analyse the issue and discuss their options, along with the potential consequences of each option. From this, the team proposes various application methods. Once the client approves of a method, the team will focus their effort, energy, and resources on developing a fool-proof, evidence-based, and comprehensive application tailored to the requirements of the client. Documentation is the most important part of an immigration application, so Kurl Legal Services always creates a customised list of documents for the client to prepare for their application. Even a single missing document can result in significant delays, so this is truly a crucial part of the process. Once the application is ready, Kurl Legal Services will complete the client’s application and send it to the Home Office. After this, the team will remain in regular contact with the client, providing updates on the progress of their application. As soon as a response from the Home Office is received, the firm gets in touch with the client to inform them of the news. For those who have successfully relocated to the UK but need further support, Kurl Legal Services also offers consultation services in which it provides advice to foreign residence struggling with issues such as CV writing, interview techniques, housing support, opening a local bank account, and more. The company is dedicated to helping these individuals with their transition into UK residency and strives to ensure that they do not feel alone. Operating in the legal services industry, where companies are known to have high prices and often fail to honour initial quotes, Kurl Legal Services is proud to offer extremely competitive rates, working on a fixed fee basis without any hidden costs. Clients can trust the firm to provide tailored solutions that perfectly match their needs. It is dedicated to delivering the best possible service by taking care of each and every client in a friendly and professional manner, maintaining the highest quality of work. To do this, Kurl Legal Services operates based on four core values. Firstly, its staff are expected to treat all people with courtesy, dignity, and respect. Secondly, it instils honesty and fairness into all its actions, which is important for ensuring the strength of its working relationships. Thirdly, the team take pride in everything they do to guarantee consistent quality. Lastly, the firm believes in the importance of attention to detail, so it encourages staff to strive for perfection in even the smallest of tasks. By providing the best services that deliver quality in areas where its competitors are lacking, Kurl Legal Services has built a loyal client base where customers are more than willing to recommend the firm to others through word of mouth. With an outstanding reputation, the company has garnered an impressive portfolio of five-star reviews on Yell, with clients praising the supportive, kind, and helpful nature of the services its lawyers provide. Customers are also frequently impressed with the firm’s efficiency and professionalism, stating in reviews that their applications were submitted quickly. Many are also pleased with the price, referring to the services as “affordable”. As a result of its incredible work, Kurl Legal Services has been awarded Best UK Visa Specialists, East Midlands, in the UK Legal Awards 2023. Moving on from this success, the company will no doubt continue to help people from across the globe who wish to apply for immigration status in the UK, changing their lives for the better by enabling them to access new opportunities. Contact: Jyoti Kurl Company: Kurl Legal Services Web Address: