Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

21 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 instead receive someone that is approachable, understanding, and friendly – which is vital for a successful business. Unsurprisingly, 2022 has already been an enormously successful year for HAVi Technologies Ltd. It has acquired numerous clients within the first quarter of the year, and the company plans to leverage the success it already has to enter new markets – both UK based and also into international territories. It will also be investing in it’s team and also expanding into new office space to form the foundation for the future. Gregg remains clear that sustainable growth will always be built on a vision to provide a pragmatic and innovative solution coupled with an ethical and high integrity approach to the market. Contact: Gregg Cole Company: HAVi Technologies Ltd Web Address: HAVi Technologies Ltd. is the UK’s leading specialist in providing solutions to help businesses across numerous industries comply with HSE guidelines for managing Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVs). The combination of its trigger timer units which monitor an operator’s exposure to vibration and its leading cloud-based software which provides real-time analytics makes it easier than ever for businesses to do the right thing by keeping users of powered tools and equipment safe. Join us as we explore the innovative company and the man behind its recent success… Over two million people in the UK alone are at risk of Hand Arm Vibration (HAVs) – a condition caused by exposure of the hands and arms to vibration when using powered handheld tools. Whilst the symptoms can be managed, the condition is irreversible and debilitating. However, there are preventatives available, and at the forefront of this fight is HAVi Technologies Ltd. The company aims to help organisations ‘do the right thing’ through providing effective solutions to bolster compliance with Control of Vibration at Work regulations and change the commonly held perception that managing HAVs is a complicated task. Indeed, the company boasts a range of software that enables the user to have a greater insight into their usage of tools. Be it time management or access to analytics, HAVi Technologies Ltd.’s solutions endeavour to identify the current and emerging HAVs risks within the client’s business which will then enable the customer to take the appropriate corrective actions. Moreover, the technology is incredibly flexible, making it suitable for both small and large businesses. The company has continually developed its products and services over 12 years, working closely with its customers to refine its technology to provide the most effective products, from its on-tool Best Vibration Solutions MD 2022: Gregg Cole trigger timer unit and the wearable HAVi Watch which alerts the operator of potential breaches to its innovative management software, resulting in one of the most versatile HAV Management Systems on the market today. Passion is the driving force behind the business – HAVi Technologies Ltd. It is this trait that empowers the team behind the company; they are motivated by making a positive change for clients. Through communication and teamwork, the staff have created a workplace that ensures efficacy. Consequently, the company has earned a reputation for excellence, with numerous testimonials praising the team. One customer, named G H, comments, ’It is always nice to deal with people who love what they are doing. It is a pleasure to deal with the HAVi team - good product and support that comes with it is even better.’ Gregg Cole, the company’s Managing Director, possesses 20 years of experience working in leading businesses within the plumbing and heating sectors. Joining the HAVi Technologies Ltd. team in 2020, he notes that, ‘I was attracted to trying to enact real change in an SME and drive a culture of passion and purpose.’ Furthermore, Gregg’s prior experience meant that he had a wealth of skillsets to draw on from utilising global supply chains, back-office processes, CRM, channel management, sales, and business leadership. Such qualities have allowed Gregg to take an authentic leadership approach, hoping that this will then ‘create an environment for others to be successful.’ He then adds, ‘Through this empowerment, we all see results.’ In order to emulate Gregg’s success, he notes that it is imperative to ‘be kind’ and, ultimately, ‘be yourself.’ An authentic approach is most certainly the best option, as it allows for a real connection to be forged between employees, clients and other stakeholders alike. Rather than having a robotic and overly strict leader, employees Mar22545 “HAVi Technologies provides a fully integrated solution for measuring exposure to hand arm vibration”