Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

23 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 its developments and updates are from the staff in-house pushing the industry to better and bigger things, striving for a constructive atmosphere and more effective services in the field of wealth management. With this in mind, it is easy to see why it has been forecasted nothing but growth for the remainder of 2022, and we can only end this article with a firm closing statement of ‘watch this space’. Company: Evotra Contact: Sally Merritt Website: Handling wealth management, software transformation, and restructure with ease and sophistication, Evotra is a deeply dedicated firm led by one of the foremost experts in the field. With the capacity to help a business implement everything from CRM to reporting platforms, its understanding of new wealth management software and how best to get the most out of such an investment is where Evotra truly shines. Evotra is the business of Managing Director Sally Merritt, and the fruit of years of labour in creating a company that manages the best transformation programmes and new technology in wealth management. Fundamentally, its experts – of which there are over 20 at present – take pride in being the best of the best when it comes to the UK’s transformative wealth management, taking a consultancy attitude to its business that allows it to make close bonds with its clients. These relationships, over time, have allowed it to flourish. With its flagship project, Xplan, Evotra has made itself and its services an invaluable part of a growing industry, and its team had made this all possible. Nominally, this team’s enviable talents in implementing CRM, Investment Management, Revenue Management, and Reporting Platforms for its clients are second to none. When working with a client, they will always dig deep into their wants and needs in order to formulate a roadmap that takes a client from start to finish. This endto-end service aids a client in implementing new wealth transformation services and updated old ones both, promising to work around existing infrastructure and improve data migration, greater employee engagement, and client engagement. Therefore, Evotra’s UK wealth management and business readiness services are industry leading in their capabilities. Sally Merritt herself has worked hard to ensure this is the case, applying her considerable knowledge from a career in the industry, starting in sales, before going for a role as an investment advisor and completing her CISI Level 7 qualification. After managing her own client bank for several years, Xplan and Evotra at large become the next logical step in her progression, taking her considerable Best Wealth Management Transformation MD 2022: Sally Merritt experience and channelling it into the field that means the most to her. Being a small business, trust, honesty, and teamwork matter greatly to Sally, and it is this commitment that enabled Evotra to pull through the pandemic; it found new ways to be creative, upping its international footprint and setting up more workshops and stakeholder meetings in the aftermath. Having made itself both approachable and professional, its clients directly benefit from the exemplary communication within the business, and from the innovations that result. Nominally, Mar22773