Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

32 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 No new build is without fault, but for new home builders, it can be challenging to find the resources to handle every snag that might arise. The team at New Homes Customer Care Ltd (“NHCC”) partner with these organisations to take care of their customers when the worst happens. In the Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 from SME News, James was recognised for his sterling efforts. We take a closer look to find out more. In every industry, the customer comes first. Their needs are always the priority. In the construction industry, however, customer care can be a challenge. Often builders are already on another project if snags on a previous one arise. This is where the team from NHCC come in, providing a consistent and expedient resolution of customer defects and issues. Their job is to take care of what comes when the builders have gone. For the home building industry, the work done by this talented team has gone a long way to improving its reputation. To discerning home buyers, the key is not simply providing an exceptional house, but offering ways of resolving any flaws that might arise quickly and efficiently. The NHCC team draw together the disparate attitudes involved in a project and takes responsibility for finding a solution. Often, new homes come with a stigma as there are inevitably problems that arise. NHCC was established with the express aim of challenging this stereotype, and has proven to be a success as a result. Since opening its doors, the team has earned a World Class NPS score of 95 for 3,000+ jobs completed in occupied homes, with Pre-Handover Inspections that are proven to reduce defects by over 75%. Their work focuses on identifying the root cause of a problem as opposed to finding quick fixes, and as such the business now has more than 20,000 new homes contracted for outsourced customer care, increasing by more than 50% per annum. The success of NHCC comes from homebuilders trusting the team to put things right if they go wrong, and that’s precisely what they deliver every time. Construction Customer Care Business Leader of the Year 2022: James Bush Leading the business forward means following this broad aim as closely as possible. It’s not an easy task, but one which Founder and MD James Bush has risen to with relish. James started as a Placement Student at the National House-Building Council in 1998 whilst studying for a BA (Hons) Business Studies Sandwich degree at Bournemouth Uni. Once he finished his Finals, he returned and took on eight different roles over eleven years including Team Leader, Business Programme Manager and Group Head of Business Development. From here, he was headhunted to join their main competitor (MD Insurance Services most famous for its Premier Guarantee brand in the UK and abroad) and after over five years there, he started NHCC. Since launching in 2018, NHCC has achieved incredible success, taking on all of the experiences James has garnered over the years. His attitude is one which is consultative, inclusive, coaching and leads by example. The clarity of his vision since the very outset of the business has gone a long way to supporting this approach. Whilst his career has seen him working within large, established organisations, it has been this start-up that has offered the most reward over the years. For James, success is not just a matter of aptitude. Those with the right attitude will always find a way to flourish. His plans for the future, therefore, involve growing the team and the service portfolio in order to appeal to an even broader range of clients. The UK new homes sector is one which is always growing, and it must reach the strict standards of both the New Homes Ombudsman and New Homes Quality Code. Thriving in this challenging environment means finding ways of offering the vital support that is needed at all times. Company: New Homes Customer Care Ltd (“NHCC”) Name: James Bush Email: Web Address: Mar22533 ™