Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

Managing Director of the Year 2023 | 11 When it comes to prototyping, Tooling 2000 is well-positioned in the industry as a trusted partner. Working with clients to provide an end-toend solution for prototype manufacture, the company has the facility and capacity to accommodate their needs, even for multi-stage manufacturing. Gary says, “Prototypes are the perfect way to test feasibility. We partner with our clients to identify the best solution for them. When they require low-volume production, we can do it. If large-volume production is required, we’ll make the tools but also assist with the lower-volume production phase via the prototype route. We have the capacity in-house for assembly work, too, meaning we can do everything under one roof.” And, if there’s anything that the company can’t tackle in-house, such as laser etching or special finishing, Tooling 2000 has a network of trusted local partners it can rely on for those elements. When it comes to precision machining, Tooling 2000 has the ability to machine anything from the smallest, most intricate component up to castings weighing 16 tons. The team’s skilled machinists use the very best 3 and 5-axis CNC machinery to produce accurate parts on time, every time. And, if you only have an original part to copy, the team uses its laser scanning and reverse engineering capabilities to gather the information it needs to do the job. Best Engineering Solutions MD 2023: Gary Williams Tooling 2000’s time-served precision tooling engineers supply a complete in-house service too. Using a 20-ton crane, the team handles large-scale tooling of up to 45 tons safely and efficiently. As a presswork specialist, Tooling 2000 works in partnership with customers requiring progression tooling. Whatever the project, the team is ready to collaborate to ensure customer downtime is kept to a minimum. When pressing components for large-scale automotive projects, Tooling 2000 uses its 2500-ton capability which is similar to a slow hydraulic process. This capability makes the company unique in the UK. With a management philosophy designed to yield the perfect component every time, Tooling 2000 invests in its personnel, equipment and technology. And as manufacturing techniques evolve, the team is focused on reducing lead times for clients whilst maintaining the levels of accuracy and quality that the company has become synonymous with. Gary says, “Staying at the forefront of technology benefits our clients and ourselves. Our ongoing investment in our people and our machinery helps us to achieve this. This award is a testament to all our efforts. I’m delighted to receive it on behalf of myself and the team.” Company: Tooling 2000 Limited Web Address: