Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

12 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Mar23255 Best Children’s Fitness & Nursery MD 2023: Jacques De Bruin Gymfinity Kids offer clubs and nurseries tailored for children and covering a wide range of fitness activities. Children can get involved in gymnastics, ninja knights, dance classes, 1:1 session, special club nights, and more. Taster sessions are free to book, so it’s perfectly okay to come along for a trial to see if you like it, before signing up. The business aim is to encourage activity, and a better understanding of good nutrition. Its large, state-of-the-art clubs cater for children from 3 months to 16 years old, with several on-site nurseries providing care and education for little ones. Gymfinity Kids was founded to provide innovative solutions to the growing problem of inactivity amongst the children of the UK. It is recommended for young people to be active at least 60 minutes a day, but sadly the majority of children are simply not achieving this. The negative impact this has on mental health, as well as physical health, is alarming. In 2017 Gymfinity launched to help tackle the problem. Its ambition was to provide recreational gymnastics and ninja classes aimed at getting children active. After building the clubs, Gymfinity realised it had also been gifted the opportunity to introduce its pioneering approach to babies and toddlers. By providing nurseries situated within its spacious, modern clubs, the focus on nourishment, development and movement could begin from day dot. The company lives by its values, which define the way the business operates, guides it in the way it coaches and cares, helps it develop trusting relationships with parents, and lays the foundations for long-term healthy, happy children. These values are caring, inspiring, welcoming, expert, developing, and fun. Caring is conveyed in the way it maintains the health, safety and happiness of its children as an all-encompassing top priority. Inspiring is personified in its passionate coaches who motivate children to be the best versions of themselves. Welcoming comes from making sure there is a place for everyone at its all-inclusive clubs and nurseries. Expert embodies the highest quality facilities, coaches and carers its children are all ensured access to. Developing comes from the manner in which it encourages progression, helping children to reach their full potential. Finally fun is quite simply a reminder that everything it does is in the pursuit of having fun. Gymfinity is also built on the three pillars of movement, nourishment and development. It uses these to inspire children to be happier, healthier, and look after their overall wellbeing. Through building strength, balance and coordination, it hopes to inspire confidence, independence and a desire to progress. The company has a number of ambassadors who are dedicated to fulfilling these three pillars. Anabel Karmel MBE is the ambassador for nourishment. She is a world leading children’s food and nutrition expert with over 45 cookbooks to her name. She recognises the importance of developing healthy habits for long-term health and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with parents and children to show anyone can make quick healthy meals packed with flavour. The ambassador for movement is Imogen Mohammed. A lifelong gymnastics enthusiast and coach, she plays a leading role in the design of activity programmes for children, encouraging them to jump, roll, bounce and balance higher, faster and for longer. She knows active bodies are happy bodies and is eager to encourage any child to give Gymfinity a go. The ambassador for development is Dr Ellie Cannon, a practicing GP and expert on family health. She is passionate about laying the foundations for a happier, healthier nation, and thrilled to be partnering with Gymfinity to encourage children to adopt important, healthy habits early on in life. Finally, the man who brings it all together, and award winner of Best Children’s Fitness & Nursery MD 2023: Jacques De Bruin. Well done to Jacques. As managing director of Gymfinity, welcoming positive changes to the health of the nation’s children is something we can rest assured is in safe hands. An outstanding achievement! Company: Gymfinity Kids Web Address: Gymfinity Kids is the UK’s leading provider of activity-based clubs and nurseries. It offers gymnastics, Ninja classes, holiday camps and parties, all built on the pillars of movement, development and nourishment. It has an aim to enhance overall wellbeing in children with healthy habits designed to last a lifetime.