Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

14 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Mar23241 Best Emerging Digital Advertising Agency Business Leader 2023 (England): Matthew Peck Market Rocket was founded by Matthew Peck in 2019 as a company who deliver transformative business growth to top industry brand leaders. It works with businesses of all sizes, and at all stages of their growth journey, to provide the ultimate Direct to Consumer (D2C) platform. Market Rocket supports businesses across whatever platform they operate by using PPC advertising, SEO performance, social media and PR. The London based agency Market Rocket emerged onto the scene in 2019, going from a standing start of zero monthly income to currently earning revenues in excess of £2.5 million in client fees. It works to increase business growth for more than 100 global industry leaders, including well-known names such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and JCB. This is all done via its formidable D2C sales and marketing activities. Market Rocket is a certified Amazon Service Provider Network (ASPN) partner, Amazon Ads partner, Google partner, Meta partner and, more recently, a TikTok partner. It works with its clientbusinesses to provide the best D2C platform, with recent acquisitions providing a broader offering than ever before in terms of providing business growth. It delivers this through its specialist website development, PPC advertising, design, SEO, on-trend social media, digital marketing strategy and PR. This is in addition to broad D2C and ecommerce expertise and means that Market Rocket is now supporting businesses across every platform. The creative, well-built team at Market Rocket is confident it has the capacity to provide any client, in any sector, with the bespoke support they need to grow their D2C business at a rate and scale of their own choosing. The company’s internal structure is such that it is built to contain team members who are specialists in their own disciplines. One of the bonuses of this is that it frees up time to allow managing director Matthew Peck to concentrate on searching out new growth opportunities. He also researches different markets, different territories, and even different office locations in other countries. Matthew is confident to do this, knowing that the team behind him are trustworthy, competent, and will get on with the jobs at hand quite independently. The best things about Market Rocket are its creativity, energy, and desire for collaboration amongst the specialists (and on so many different levels). It also has an admirable ability to put its clients, and by extension their audience, at the very heart of what it does. Another exemplary aspect of working for Market Rocket is the sheer quality of its expertise on strategy and digital growth. From boosting sales on the Amazon platform and developing a brand website optimised for SEO performance, to engaging in on trend social media, PR and digital marketing. Market Rocket’s clients include start-ups with limited capacity and budget, market disruptors, companies with a niche product mix, all the way up to Fortune 500 companies serving global markets. In 2022, Marketing Director Matthew Peck oversaw the company’s acquisition by FMCG investment house S-Ventures, to both secure its future and create more growth opportunities. This has enabled Market Rocket to work with other brands within S-Ventures portfolio such as a range of vegan, free-from snacks and confectionery business it has helped to grow. The move also saw Matthew add his considerable strategic knowledge to the S-Ventures operating subsidiary board as chief digital officer. In a subsequent move to broaden Market Rocket’s full D2C range, later in 2022 Matthew also oversaw the acquisition of two further marketing businesses, supporting the launch of a full-service digital marketing and PR offering at Market Rocket. This newly combined offering now delivers business growth through specialist website development, PPC advertising, design, SEO performance, on-trend social media engagement, digital marketing strategy and PR. It also promotes broad D2C and ecommerce expertise, meaning that Market Rocket can support businesses across whatever platform they operate on. “Having built the team we have at Market Rocket, we are confident that we have the capacity to provide any client with the bespoke support they need to grow their business.” Under the guidance of MD Matthew Peck, the support offered to clients by Market Rocket can be broadly categorised into four distinct pillars. These are account management, analytics, graphic design/video content creators, and strong copywriting skills. Market Rocket offers tailored account management from personnel who are experts in the specific channel and sector, many of whom have real life experience of running their own businesses in the same discipline. Its understanding of analytics helps analyse buyer behaviour and optimise audience engagement. This leads to better campaign performances for clients. The company’s graphic design and video content creators help support client campaigns, ads, brand pages and product listings. It is what can provide the all-important pop that is crucial in a competitive marketplace. In addition, support of SEO, plus digital and traditional PR, requires exceptional copywriting skills. This helps to grow organic traffic, brand awareness, and position a product effectively to differentiate from competitors. Matt realises that having any one of these pillars available as a specialism is welcome, but providing all four at once is what makes Market Rocket unique. “Fundamentally, each of these roles are vital to business growth and should be performed by separate people who all have very different skill sets. One person could never feasibly excel at all of these disciplines at once. That is why we’ve