Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

16 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Most Visionary Software Development & Consultancy MD 2023: Jamie Taylor Leeds-based software development company, RJJ Software, offers a range of services to clients across a variety of industries in order to help realise a company’s digital potential through innovative solutions using the latest technologies. We speak to the firm’s MD to find out more. By delivering the excellence needed, on time and under budget, RJJ Software utilises its expert knowledge and experience, along with its award-winning people, to solve business challenges. With vast experience in cross platform development using the latest iterations of the Microsoft technology stack, RJJ Software is well versed in the entire Microsoft .NET platform; SQL Server; and Azure, as well as DevOps, and providing security and consultancy services too. Managing Director, Jamie Taylor, tells us a little more about the firm and its unique offering. “We work primarily in both the bespoke software development services and podcast production and consultation spaces,” he begins. “In my opinion, these two fields are linked because they are both related to the same basic idea: achieving a company’s digital potential.” Both the firm’s bespoke software and podcasting arms operate in the same way – by using a methodology for developing software with very short iteration periods and near-constant feedback from clients, an iterative approach to delivery, and a focus on using the very best of the bleeding edge of technology available in order to create something exceptionally unique. Utilising the core tenets of the Agile Manifesto (Manifesto for Agile Software Development) – a methodology that ensures RJJ can stay on top of its game throughout short iteration periods and nearconstant feedback from clients – the firm has worked wonders for a huge amount of clients. Jamie says, “To me, success is when I can see our clients achieving and exceeding the goals that they set out for a project that we have worked on.” Whilst the firm has competitors in both the bespoke software and podcast production space, Jamie feels that RJJ is uniquely positioned in both. For example, the podcast production consultation services involve the firm working as producers, helping its clients to deliver the clearest, most engaging message possible to their listeners. The software services, meanwhile, are delivered in a way which is different from the larger development companies as RJJ is able to spend face-to-face time with each client, building a rapport and getting to know them before embarking on a project. Jamie employs a constant focus on championing the people who use the software, products, and services he produces; by having compassion for the users and consumers he has been able to focus specifically on how what the company produces affects them. “To me, success is when I can see our clients achieving and exceeding the goals that they set out for a project that we have worked on,” he enthuses passionately. “I’m driven by the feeling of a job not just well done, but to the best of RJJ’s collective abilities – if we can achieve greatness for our clients, then they can use that greatness as a jumping off point in order to achieve their own greatness.” Jamie’s leadership style is relatively relaxed. As a remote-first company since being established in 2018, each team member works from a location which suits them as Jamie believes that if you give people a task to do, a deadline to do it in, and the freedom to find their own space to work in, you will get the best quality of work out of them. It’s also his experience that people will go the extra mile when they are afforded a certain amount of freedom. “We have relaxed working hours and employees are encouraged to take walking breaks every few hours. There have been studies which show that there is a direct link between walking in nature and lowering stress levels, whilst increasing creativity, productivity, and effectiveness at work.” As a remote-first company since its establishment in 2018, RJJ has constructed a network of collaboration, hard work, and responsiveness. Jamie’s flexible attitude towards giving people the space and freedom they need to succeed has inevitably paid off. Lessening the commute times, increasing the relaxed feel of every day in the office, and with regular breaks included, the overall feel of RJJ is that of support, encouragement, and great mental wellbeing – which is all integral to any thriving business environment. Lowering stress levels increases productivity and mental wellbeing, and Jamie does all he can to help his team. Jamie shares, “I find that having open lines of communication between myself and my team members is incredibly efficient and useful. I’m a very active user of the “available” and “busy” states on our internal chat program, and everyone knows that if my status is set to “available” they can call me if they have a question, query, or would just like to have a catch-up chat; all without asking permission first.” This relationship has built trust between Jamie and his team members, and, all treated with the same level of respect and integrity, the team always goes the extra mile for each other – and their clients. Recently, in recognition of the incredible work that Jamie has done, both in his role with RJJ Software and in the wider area in his capacity as a mentor giving back to the community, he was named Most Visionary Mar23238