Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

Managing Director of the Year 2023 | 17 Software Development & Consultancy MD 2023 in the Managing Director of the Year Awards. This award is testament to the 14 years of experience that Jamie has in the rapidly evolving technology industry, and his drive to always learn the next big thing. Speaking of which, in such a fast-paced industry there are always new trends emerging and currently we are seeing the wide scale adoption of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) services. Whilst some feel threatened by these advancements in technology, Jamie believes they will have a huge impact on reducing the initial amount of toil involved in the majority of technology-based office work. However, whilst these programmes can generate content at the push of a button, they can’t replace the human touch and the ingenuity involved in having a person generate that content. But they can provide a great starting point, which will scaffold the basics of something that a person can then customise. Most Visionary Software Development & Consultancy MD 2023: Jamie Taylor “Our working lives will not be destroyed by these generative technologies,” Jamie tells us. “But in the same way that the electronic calculator changed the way that mathematics was taught in the 1960s, the way that we do our work will be changed.” Now, part of RJJ’s future lies in increasing its reach and involvement in the bespoke audio production services industry, by focusing on big companies and showing how they can increase their market share by communicating directly with their potential customers. Watch this space! Contact: Jamie Taylor Company: RJJ Software Web Address: