Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

Managing Director of the Year 2023 | 21 In 2015, Dan went one step further and joined Europe’s largest live-in care provider, Promedica24, to help develop the UK division of the franchise. After successfully establishing over 20 franchisees across the country, he once more took on a development role with an international brand. This time, with one of the largest care franchises in the US, Visiting Angels. “I launched the first UK office in October 2017 and threw myself into the success of the business – even delivering care myself in the early days,” he says. “In less than 12 months, Visiting Angels Sheffield proved to be one of the most successful new franchises. Ever.” A significant take-away from the recent pandemic is the gratitude that is shared by all for the wonderful work that the UK care industry does, both for those in need and for loved ones. The unwavering commitment that carers give to the industry can have a hugely detrimental impact on their own physical and mental health. As one of the lowest paying sectors, recruiting dedicated and specialist staff naturally becomes very difficult. But retaining staff is a nearimpossible task for many care brands, with turnover rates going as high as 75% for some care services. The sector has historically depended on staff accepting unfair pay, as well as issues surrounding unfair compensation in between client visits – this leads to some carers’ salaries being dangerously close to below minimum wage. Visiting Angels’ promise to all of its carers is that their starting salary is above the national average in this sector, followed by guaranteed pay increases using sophisticated calculation software. As well as this, the firm offers a larger financial return for the miles travelled between visits – in fact, it is one of the only providers to pay its carers for travel times between visits. “The pandemic certainly has exposed the pressures we are placing on carers at large as they appear to be constantly playing ‘catch-up’ and, through no fault of their own, ultimately deliver a lesser service to those in need,” Dan elaborates. “Through careful recruitment processes, we match our carers to suit the individual needs of the client, resulting in a more carefully conducted visit with clients being able to develop closer relationships to a less frequent rotation of carers. This approach allows the carer-client relationship to flourish. In addition, the ‘personal touch’ – that so many care providers lose as they grow – continues to be a central element of our brand.” Although Visiting Angels is a trailblazer, it is proud to be innovators of the positive impact this carer-centric strategy has had – and could have – in the future if other providers follow suit. This model, meanwhile, only works with more entrepreneurs investing in care franchises. Recently, for his dedication, commitment and stalwart attitude towards ensuring only the very best for the caregivers employed within his business, Dan was recognised in the Managing Director of the Year Awards and named with the prestigious title of Most Visionary Social Care Advocate & Home Care Provider MD 2023. Now as the future beckons, the overarching commitment across the board at Visiting Angels is to become the UK care sector’s market leader as employer of choice by 2030, creating an environment where carers can care more, clients can live better, and families can feel assured. “Our results prove the value of our carer-centric ethos and commitment – we’ll continue to put this at the centre of every single decision we make at Visiting Angels,” he says, speaking of his future plans and endeavours. “Our mission is to be the best in-home care provider in the nation – achievable through constantly improving and elevating our carer-centric values. Our goal of becoming the care sector’s employer of choice won’t stop in 2023 – that’s a commitment I will continue to uphold.” Contact Details Company: Visiting Angels Contact: Dan Archer Web Address: Most Visionary Social Care Advocate & Home Care Provider MD 2023: Dan Archer