Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

25 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Apr23058 Best Science Sector Recruitment Agency MD (England): Mark Budd Life Sciences Recruitment (LSR) is revolutionising the recruitment landscape for start-ups, fast-growing biotechs, MedTech’s, and pharmaceutical organisations. With a deep understanding of the industry, it offers unparalleled insights, knowledge, and credibility while providing flexible services to meet clients’ diverse needs. We learn more about this cutting-edge company and the extraordinary part award-winning Managing Director, Mark Budd plays in it. It was through profound industry analysis and discussions during an annual international leadership Summit, that Mark Budd recognised the need for a recruitment firm that combined an Executive Search firm’s expertise with a flexible service tailored to all levels of seniority. This realisation led to the birth of Life Sciences Recruitment. Life Sciences Recruitment boasts a team of experienced recruiters who employ a proven methodology to identify, attract, and retain top talent in the life sciences field. Leveraging its extensive network of industry contacts and cuttingedge recruitment tools, LSR employs a targeted approach to find the most suitable candidates for each organisation. The firm offers various services, including contingent hires, executive searches, and contract staffing, supporting critical appointments in R&D, clinical development, medical affairs, regulatory, quality, commercialisation, artificial intelligence, and manufacturing across Europe and North America. For Mark Budd, success lies in building longterm, high-value client partnerships. LSR takes great pride in its impeccable delivery and exceptional customer service. Mark emphasises the importance of open communication channels and leverages the firm’s strengths to ensure client satisfaction. It is clear why Mark loves his job and how has been instrumental in the firm’s success. He enjoys witnessing colleagues achieve personal milestones such as property ownership, promotions, and global travel, with these being a source of joy and inspiration. He is also a big fan of the future opportunities that the company affords its employees. LSR is poised to capitalise on emerging prospects within the industry, driving growth and expansion. One more favourite of Mark’s is that he gets to build relationships. LSR cherishes the connections fostered with candidates and clients, cultivating trust and facilitating successful matches. LSR differentiates itself from competitors in a highly competitive market through its unique approach. The firm prioritises employee wellbeing, fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. Rejecting traditional corporate practices, LSR emphasises its family-run culture and promotes a healthy work-life balance. With a low staff turnover rate, comprehensive training programmes, and the provision of a life coach, LSR ensures the growth and development of its team members. Additionally, the firm’s customer-centric approach and commitment to prompt communication set it apart from others in the industry. In order to navigate his current role successfully, Mark draws on his extensive past experiences. Having operated across various verticals and geographies, he acknowledges the importance of being prepared to make mistakes and leveraging strengths. As a leader, he inspires his team to achieve company goals, analyses market trends, and identifies opportunities for growth and profitability. People management remains a key focus, with strong interpersonal skills, empathy, and the sharing of industry knowledge being essential for success. Mark’s leadership style is characterised by transparency, approachability, and a traditional approach. His priority when communicating with team members is to ensure transparency, honesty, and open dialogue. By being accessible and supportive, Mark creates a conducive environment for growth and fosters a culture of collaboration and accountability. His leadership style reflects LSR’s core values of partnership, association, integrity, honesty, pride, respect, responsibility, empowerment, training, and fun! This influences the organisation’s internal culture, which is centred around trust, respect, and professionalism. In addition, the firm values partnership, collaboration, integrity, and accountability. LSR fosters a positive work environment, and even offers employees complimentary breakfasts, Friday beers, and other perks. LSR actively contributes to the changes in the industry by evolving from a service provider to a trusted partner. The firm invests time in understanding clients’ needs, going beyond traditional recruitment briefs to ensure the best fit for their business. And while it faces the challenges of talent scarcity, the firm is strategically positioned to attract top talent through its unique company culture and flexible work arrangements. In addition, the shift towards remote work has opened up new possibilities, expanding the pool of candidates previously limited by geographical constraints. Located in Reigate, LSR benefits from a supportive regional environment. Despite not being in a major city like London, the firm capitalises on its low rent and passes on cost savings to clients. In addition, strong rail links facilitate client visits and candidate interviews, while proximity to international airports eases travel for international assignments. With a close-knit team, LSR consultants work collaboratively, supporting each other to achieve their goals. In addition, a newly appointed Head of Global L&D enhances the team’s growth through training sessions, creating a safe space that positively impacts their performance. Furthermore, Mark’s wisdom for those seeking success in the industry revolves around embracing mistakes and taking action. He emphasises the importance of initiative and a proactive mindset to drive success. Looking ahead, Life Sciences Recruitment aims to become the global trusted advisor to the life sciences sector. The firm envisions analysing data, identifying trends, and delivering marketleading recruitment and people solutions. By 2027, the company seeks to establish itself as the premier team of head-hunters, making a life-changing contribution to people’s lives and wellbeing globally. Company Name: Life Sciences Recruitment Contact Name: Mark Budd Web Address: Contact Email