Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

26 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Apr23035 Most Pioneering Independent Care Home MD 2023: Sue Gallagher With an extensive range of services catering to diverse needs, Barchester Healthcare operates 248 homes and hospitals, serving over 12,000 residents and patients. Forming part of the leadership team of this wonderful organisation is Sue, Managing Director of the Hospitals and Complex Care Division, whose visionary leadership has earned her prestigious success within the Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023. Barchester Healthcare offers comprehensive care options, including residential, nursing, and specialised dementia care. The organisation’s devotion to dementia care is evident in the presence of dedicated Memory Lane Communities within many of their homes, providing tailored support to individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Additionally, Barchester extends its expertise to neurorehabilitation and caters to individuals with conditions such as Parkinson’s or Huntington’s disease. The organisation’s commitment to quality is exemplified by Sue Gallagher’s aspiration to achieve an “Outstanding” rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for all the care homes and hospitals in her division while ensuring financial viability, staff satisfaction, and customer happiness. Barchester Healthcare is built upon five core values permeating the organisation, shaping its culture and defining its success. The first value, respect, is ingrained in every interaction among team members and extends to those under their care. Barchester prides itself on demonstrating thoughtfulness and consideration towards one another, fostering an environment of empathy and compassion. Integrity is another pillar of Barchester’s values, as the organisation upholds honesty, fairness, and transparency in all its actions. By maintaining the highest ethical standards, Barchester ensures that trust is built with residents, patients and their families, as well as among its dedicated staff. Passion is a driving force within Barchester, with every team member exhibiting enthusiasm for the company’s mission. The organisation’s unwavering dedication to excellence is evident in the commitment and energy its employees bring to their work every day. This passion creates a positive and inspiring atmosphere, enabling the delivery of exceptional care and service. Barchester places great importance on empowerment, recognising that trusting and valuing employees is crucial for success. By creating an environment where individuals are encouraged to make the right choices and are given the autonomy to do so, Barchester fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among its team members. Furthermore, this empowerment fuels a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. The final core value of Barchester is the responsibility, which underpins its commitment to providing exceptional care and customer service. Each team member at Barchester takes personal responsibility for their role, dedicating themselves to delivering the highest quality of care possible. This shared commitment ensures that residents and patients receive the utmost attention, support, and comfort throughout their journey at the care home. Together, these five core values form the bedrock of Barchester’s culture, influencing every aspect of the organisation and propelling it towards ongoing success in the care industry. Sue’s profound passion for care work began unexpectedly during a college work experience placement at a local psychiatric hospital. This experience sparked her desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives, leading her to become a registered psychiatric nurse in 1986. After joining Barchester in 2012, Sue progressed through various roles, including Regional Manager, Regional Director, and Acting Divisional Director. She later became the Managing Director of Barchester’s Hospitals and Complex Care Division in 2022. Sue’s extensive experience and pursuit of continuous improvement prompted her to complete a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management to enhance her positive leadership skills. As the leader of her team, Sue’s leadership style is adaptable, tailored to the situation and individuals involved. Honesty, passion, and respect are the cornerstones of her approach, emphasising the importance of open communication and empowering staff and residents/patients. Barchester fosters a culture that recognises and rewards success, celebrating achievements through various means such as employee of the month awards, Hapi app thank you cards, an employee wellness hub, and the highly emotional annual Barchester Care Awards. Sue’s work as the Managing Director of Hospitals and Complex Care Services at Barchester Healthcare is admired. However, her dedication to the company’s vision and the collaboration of a talented team sharing the same values ensure continued progress and success. As Sue’s remarkable leadership journey continues, Barchester Healthcare remains committed to providing exceptional care and improving the lives of those they serve. Ultimately, Sue’s recognition as the Most Pioneering Independent Care Home MD 2023 is a testament to her unwavering dedication and exceptional leadership. As exemplified by her guidance, Barchester Healthcare’s commitment to excellence positions the organisation as a trailblazer in the care industry. With a culture rooted in respect, integrity, passion, empowerment, and responsibility, Barchester Healthcare continues to shape a brighter future for individuals needing exceptional care. Company: Barchester Healthcare Name: Sue Gallagher Email: Web Address: Barchester Healthcare (Barchester), a prominent UK care provider, has earned a well-deserved reputation for its unwavering commitment to supporting individuals with dignity and respect. We profile the Most Pioneering Independent Care Home Managing Director of 2023, Sue Gallagher, to see what has made her so successful.