Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

34 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Mar23345 Best Building Supplies MD 2023 (Nottinghamshire): Matthew Holland Business management is never an easy task. It comes with a whole myriad of difficulties – from managing your employees, to ensuring your company stays ahead of the curve. But when it comes to management direction, Matthew Holland of DIY Building Supplies seems to have mastered even the trickiest of factors. We look into how Matthew is able to uphold a brilliant business practise, all whilst treating staff and clients alike with the respect and dignity that they deserve. As a managing director, Matthew has come leaps and bounds since he started DIY Building Supplies. At its heart, the company provides building materials online through its website marketplace, and is geared towards customer happiness above all else. However, it’s thanks to the open and welcoming internal culture that Matthew has been able to foster that the business has seen such an overwhelming success. What sets Matthew apart from most other managing directors is the immense range of skills that he brings into his business practises. With a plethora of industry experience under his belt, he’s been able to focus on developing good business practice. As a result, he’s gone on to construct an efficient working environment, where thoughtfulness is encouraged and praised throughout the team. Matthew’s goal is to guarantee that his staff feel valued, and goes out of his way to accomplish this feat. Matthew expresses how he’s a big believer in creating efficient workflows throughout his business, and therefore dedicates plenty of time and resources towards implementing them. This, in turn, allows for consistent flexibility that ensures employees are able to strike the perfect balance between their home and work lives. It’s thanks to Matthew’s intrinsic understanding of what benefits and motivates a team that has earned him his award-winning managing director status. Of course, Matthew doesn’t simply end the care for his staff by offering an individual their ideal work schedule – he takes it upon himself to empower his colleagues regularly. He works alongside each member of the team to certify their happiness and fulfilment at work and is more than willing to adapt to make each practice better in any way he can. His employees are at the forefront of his mind, and he always strives to provide them with the best. Be that support, or simply a guiding voice, Matthew will do whatever it takes to maximise employee potential. The result is a fantastic workforce composed of individuals who are truly heard by their managing director. DIY Building Supplies is able to offer flawless customer service, and it’s all thanks to a working environment that’s been carefully crafted by its managing director to foster brilliance. Matthew believes in his colleagues and clarifies that he is fortunate to have found such hardworking individuals with so much potential to take a chance on a new business and he’s their number one supporter. He puts in the work to secure success in his field, and it truly shines through the satisfaction of his team and clients alike. Matthew truly is a managing director unlike any other. He has succeeded in perfectly blending being a supportive managing director, whilst avoiding having his colleagues feel smothered. He cultivates individuality and values every opinion voiced by his staff force. His motivation to provide the best for each member of the DIY Building Supplies team is inspiring to say the least, and we’re very proud to present him with the award of Best Building Supplies MD 2023 (Nottinghamshire). Company: DIY Building Supplies Web Address: