Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

37 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Mar23279 Innovative eCommerce Logistics MD of the Year 2023: Michael Levy Corten is a logistics company that stands out from the crowd. Established in 2009, they have become a leader in the industry by providing innovative and flexible logistics solutions, combined with a human touch. Over the years, Corten has evolved from its initial focus on shipping container trading to become a global leader in exceptional logistics services. One of Corten’s key strengths lies in its unwavering commitment to customer relationships and its ability to adapt to changing circumstances. In addition, the company has also made significant investments in technology, offering a state-of-the-art digital platform that grants clients on-demand access to all their shipment information, including real-time tracking capabilities. Corten has gained recognition for its eCommerce services, seamlessly integrating with renowned platforms like Amazon, Etsy, GoDaddy, and eBay. This achievement has been made possible thanks to the expertise of their highly experienced team, which provides flexible and agile logistics solutions with a strong focus on attentive, proactive, and efficient customer service. Whilst Corten’s dedication to customer service sets it apart, there are numerous factors which have contributed to their success. The company prioritises understanding and meeting the unique needs of its clients, ensuring that each customer receives a personalised and robust logistics solution. By leveraging innovative technology, such as AI for shipment information validation and a cutting-edge digital platform, Corten provides clients with real-time visibility into their shipments, offering user-friendly insights and analytics in one centralised location. Furthermore, Corten’s extensive experience in handling eCommerce cargo across major global platforms positions them as leaders in this field, giving them a competitive advantage over other freight forwarders. With warehousing services and partnerships in over 60 countries worldwide, Corten guarantees clients quality fulfillment solutions in any market they choose to develop. Michael Levy, the Managing Director of Corten, has played a pivotal role in the company’s success. With nearly two decades of experience in the logistics industry, Michael has gained comprehensive knowledge through various positions and hands-on involvement in different aspects of logistics. Starting from the bottom, Michael worked his way up, accumulating experience in warehousing, import and export, air and sea shipments, as well as humanitarian emergency response work. His journey culminated in managing air and sea charters for class 1 high-security items, where failure could have immeasurable consequences. However, Michael is quick to attribute his success to the dedicated and hardworking team at Corten, acknowledging that his achievements are only possible due to their commitment and expertise. At Corten, success is a result of the collective efforts of the entire team. Drawing on his past experiences, Michael brings a comprehensive understanding of the logistics industry to his current role. Through his experience in various operational roles, team building, and successful management of multiple companies, he has gained a full-spectrum view of the industry. Michael acknowledges the support and guidance from mentors and colleagues throughout his career and considers it a privilege to pass on this support to others in the industry. His leadership style is characterised by leading from the front and setting a positive example for his team members. He places huge value in collaboration and encourages input from team members, fostering a work environment where everyone works together towards common goals. When communicating with his team, Michael ensures that everyone understands objectives clearly. Open and honest communication is crucial in building trust within the team and creating a supportive and innovative work environment. He regularly checks in with team members, soliciting feedback, and ensuring that goals are aligned. He updates progress and encourages team members to share their successes and challenges, fostering a culture of continuous learning and collective improvement. Corten maintains an internal culture built on trust, accountability, and responsibility. They cultivate a positive and supportive work environment where team members seamlessly collaborate and enjoy each other’s company. Corten also values the uniqueness and diversity of its team, embracing the unconventional nature of the industry. Working at Corten is more than just a job; it’s a place where individuals can be their authentic selves and enjoy the journey of achieving their goals. The company strives to create an environment where team members can have fun while making meaningful contributions. For those who aspire to succeed in the logistics industry, Managing Director, Michael shares a valuable piece of wisdom: lead by example and embrace mistakes as opportunities for personal and professional growth. He believes that acknowledging and taking responsibility for mistakes is crucial in developing oneself. Michael encourage individuals not to let the fear of failure discourage them from taking risks and pursuing success. Instead, seeing mistakes as stepping stones towards progress and reaching new heights. Looking to the future, Corten has introduced a share scheme that allows every team member to be immersed in the success of the company. This empowering initiative gives employees a stake in the company, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in their work. Corten firmly believes that outstanding results are achieved when everyone works together towards a common goal and has a vested interest in the company’s success. The share scheme is just one example of how Corten is dedicated to creating a positive and supportive workplace culture, where each team member’s contribution is valued. Contact Details Company: Corten Contact: Michael Levy Email: