Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

39 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Mar23554 APeducation Online is an award-winning skills development institute that provides workforce development to a wide range of industries. Since its establishment they have been engaging with students from all walks of life focusing on innovation, creativity, productivity and competitiveness. Managing Director, Abhinav Mujoo has been at the helm since 2011. We talk with him to find out more. A visionary leader, passionate educator and a dynamic entrepreneur, Abhinav Mujoo is redefining the vocational education landscape with a focus on innovation, creativity, and productivity. He spearheads APeducation Online, a company that has emerged as a leader in offering a diverse range of qualifications and a commitment to personalised learning. In this article, we delve into Abhinav Mujoo’s journey, the company’s approach to education, and his contributions to society. A Visionary Approach to Vocational Education: Established in 2011, APeducation Online offers high quality vocational education programs across various disciplines, including Accounting, Health and Social Care, Teacher Training, Aviation, and Performing Arts. With a small but competent, efficient and dedicated team, Abhinav has adopted a unique approach for training that prioritises practical training, allowing students to apply concepts and approaches to their workplace practice. The company’s commitment to flexibility and engaging content is backed by robust assessments and nationally and internationally recognised accreditations. Abhinav’s strategic leadership and expertise in vocational education have led to numerous successful projects both within the UK and internationally. “I am passionate about helping institutes meet rigorous quality standards” says Abhinav who uses his profound understanding of UK qualification frameworks and quality assurance in developing partnerships, identifying skills shortages and developing strategic pathways. He also provides educational consultancy, establishing partnerships both locally and internationally. Notable projects in Abhinav’s career include the successful implementation of Internet safety training for various organisations in the UK, leading institutional quality assurance programmes for prominent training providers in the Middle East, and contributing in international qualification framework alignment projects in the Middle East. Embracing change and innovation has always been the underlying ethos of APeducation Online, and this was demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, Abhinav and his team embodied this ethos in their services through collaborative learning, case learning, and project based learning. The online learning environment was enhanced by offering more personalised teaching and learning experiences. APeducation Online continues to strengthen its educational offerings by adapting to current trends and leveraging technology. A Culture of Excellence - Attention to detail and a supportive team are key pillars of APeducation Online and staff are given credit for their contributions. ‘I owe the company’s success and achievements to our dedicated team. We focus on fostering a culture with open communication and a healthy work-life balance’, says Abhinav. In addition to education and training, Abhinav is deeply passionate about making a positive impact through social initiatives and events that benefit society. He recently participated in ‘The Lady Mayoress’s Sleep Out’ at the Guildhall, raising funds for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. An exciting project that he has recently helmed at APeducation Online is the ‘Youth Excellence Group’. A unique initiative and a group which is growing in strength and numbers, this group encourages talented young individuals to contribute to society and explore their creative skills. By hosting events and shows, the group provides a platform for emerging talent in art, music, and performance. Abhinav’s deep passion for music and art fuels his commitment to create opportunities for collaborative, innovation, and transformative change within the sector. Through the setting up of this group, he aims to inspire and empower talented individuals, fostering an environment where their creativity can thrive and contribute to the broader landscape. For the past five years, APeducation Online has been instrumental in providing learning opportunities within Prisons, promoting personal and professional transformation within the inmates. Abhinav continues to work on the company’s vision to develop a robust framework for delivering education in prisons. As a member of the Prison Learning Alliance, Abhinav is part of the committee that works towards shaping prison education policies in England and Wales. To conclude, Abhinav mujoos’s visionary leadership has positioned APeducation Online as a transformative force in vocational education. Through innovation, flexibility, and a commitment to excellence, the company has empowered individuals from various sectors to develop practical skills and enhance their careers. Abhinav’s dedication to social causes and his support for young talent further highlights his passion for making a positive impact. As APeducation Online continues to grow and evolve, Abhinav’s strategic approach and focus on innovation will undoubtedly shape the future of vocational education. Contact: Abhinav Mujoo Company: APeducation Online Web Address: Most Transformative Vocational Education Leader 2023: Abhinav Mujoo