Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

4 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Leading Waste Management Company MD 2023 (North West England): Omar Pasha Pasha Recycling Services Ltd was founded in 1992 by Mr and Mrs Pasha. When it began it worked from a 1,500 square foot unit and throughout the years it has moved up in the recycling world. The company is now working in a 30,000 square foot unit with extra equipment to make the process easier for its ever-growing team. Here we learn more about Omar Pasha’s expertise, and the company, after being recognised in the Managing Director of The Year Awards 2023. Pasha Recycling specialises in recycling and trading. Its mission is to make sure that waste is processed and disposed of legally, safely, and responsibly to comply with the UK legislation and its internal code of ethics. On top of that, the company prioritises growth, infrastructure, employee progression, customer satisfaction, and brand awareness. Through focusing on these areas, it aims to make a positive impact on both the environment and its employees. Omar Pasha is the Managing Director at Pasha Recycling. He started his journey in the recycling business as a general labourer and worked his way up to his current role. Getting to where he is today was not easy as he faced challenges along the way. However, it led him to have a deep understanding of the business and its operations. Omar adds, “My journey from a general labourer to Managing Director has taught me the importance of hard work, determination, and continuous learning. It has also given me a unique perspective on the industry and the skills required to succeed in it.” Often the challenges faced lead to the most rewarding destinations and provide knowledge that wouldn’t have been obtained otherwise. Omar implements all that he has learnt through his career with his team at Pasha Recycling. He shares, “My leadership style is one that is fair but firm and hands-on. I believe that a leader should lead by example and be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. This approach allows me to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by my team and to work collaboratively to find solutions.” The team members at Pasha Recycling are key to helping the company run and succeed which is why it is important to protect their wellbeing and their job satisfaction – all to keep them motivated and engaged. Omar has worked hard to create a positive work environment that encourages growth, development, and success. He has built a strong foundation with his team where trust and respect go both ways. In order to make this possible he has implemented effective communication, transparency, and approachability throughout. When communicating with his team, Omar ensures that what he is explaining is easily understood by everyone. Ambiguity or confusion can lead to misunderstandings and mistakes which can have a negative impact in the team and the business. Omar explains, “By being clear and concise, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.” The approaches that Omar has taken towards his team has made it possible to create an environment that works and where the common goal is achievable. This is why it is no surprise that Omar Pasha now holds the title of Leading Waste Management Company MD 2023 (North West England). Omar shares a piece of advice for those trying to make it in the industry as he emphasises, “Celebrate the small wins, as they will keep you motivated on the long road ahead. It may be a challenging journey, but don’t give up. Stay committed to your goals, keep learning, and keep pushing yourself to be better every day. With hard work and dedication, success will eventually follow.” Mar23253 “ We encourage open communication and a free exchange of ideas, which fosters creativity and innovation. Our team members are committed to supporting each other and creating a positive work environment that is both challenging and fulfilling. ”